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Hello Goodbye Messages. What to Write in a Hello or Goodbye Card

Hello Goodbye Messages. What to Write in a Hello or Goodbye Card

Whether meeting someone new or saying farewell to an old friend or colleague, creating a card to say “Hello” or “Goodbye” can add to the occasion. The Hello quotes you use from this site in your Hello messages can bring a new person in your life confidence and a feeling of acceptance making them feel welcome. Finding the right Goodbye quotes here can help personalize your Goodbye messages when saying “So long” or “Until we meet again” giving the feeling that you’re never too far away. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Hello Goodbye Messages

  • No matter where you end up, you are sure to have an awesome experience. It’s just who you are!

  • I would NEVER say "Good-bye" to you when I really mean, I hope that everything is amazing for you and I’ll miss you terribly and I hope that we can stay in touch FOREVER!

  • I would turn you into a boomerang if I could. Then, I would be guaranteed that you’d come back!

  • Of all of the wonderful things that I wish for you, leaving me isn’t one of them! So long

  • Things that you hate to see go: 1) Money 2) The last bus to work 3) Air in your tire 4) Friends like you

  • Toodles, My Friend!

  • OK if I must say it Good-Bye.

  • You’ve come back! We missed you like crazy!

  • Of course, we knew this day would come. We were hoping it wouldn’t be for like 50 years, but with you being as awesome as you we totally knew this wouldn’t last. Great things up ahead! So Long From The Bunch Of Us

  • Leaving is not an option. OK we understand that it actually IS an option, but that’s our way of saying, "We are not happy that you selected that option!"

  • You will be missed more than well, more than you’ll ever believe!

  • I am here and you are welcome to come back ANYTIME!

  • I just can’t say it and you can’t make me. Can’t we just say, "See you later?"

  • It’s great to have you. Welcome! Welcome!

  • I’ve been praying like crazy that you made it back here, safe and sound! I’m so happy!

  • Adios! See you later! Be well! I’m definitely going to miss you!

  • Pooh-pooh on that thought! I don’t want you to go!

  • Over and over and over again that’s how much I thought about you. So glad you’re back!!

  • Even though you’re leaving, you are not allowed to forget me.

  • I’m not looking forward to this whole "you won’t be around" thing. I won’t say, "Good-bye". I’ll just say, "See you later!"

  • Nobody could ever forget you! See you later

  • It’s never nice to tell someone you care about you, "Farewell"

  • We will both go our ways, but we have to be sure to make our way back here together. So, I won’t say "Good-bye". Instead, I’ll say, "Until we meet again!"

  • So long and I still absolutely, positively refuse to admit that this could be a departure. So, yes, I still refuse to say that g-word. I’ll see you later and that’s all that I will commit to!

  • So long, Muchacho! Totally not the same That’s how it’s going to be without you.

  • I know you’ll be fine and I know you’ll be missed. I’m sending you off with a sad farewell kiss.

  • We AIN’T never gonna forget you. Forgetting us could be easy, but isn’t more fun remembering the nuts that you have in your life!

  • Boy, did I miss you!! But, now .YOU’RE HERE WITH ME AND I’M NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER, NEVER letting you go again!

  • It pains me that you’re leaving.

  • What if I told you to "Stay"? You wouldn’t need to bark or anything, just stay here with me!

  • Wait there’s nothing "good" about this "bye".

  • Well, you are making this situation even worse, aren’t you? Farewell if you must go.

  • You just have to make it BACK here!

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