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Missing You Messages. What to Write in a Missing You Card

When someone you care for leaves unexpectedly or for a long period of time, you end up missing them in your daily life. Even while social media keeps us connected more these days, creating Miss You messages in a special card or other message will help to personalize the way you feel about them. Finding the right combination of Missing You quotes on this site will make them feel missed even more and make their homecoming terrific. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Missing You Messages

  • Every bit of me misses every bit of you .especially those sweet, warm bits.

  • I can’t snuggle alone I miss you!

  • My heart is here, it’s not going anywhere. It’s missing you way too much to move!

  • Just so you know, whoever wrote that quote about being absent and your heart getting more into your relationship thing, that person knew exactly what they were talking about. I’m missing you.

  • I couldn’t love you anymore than I do now, and even though we are not physically together, you stay in my heart always.

  • If I could wish upon a star, having you near would be the best wish come true of all! I miss you so much!

  • Sometimes I think that I hear you and my heart leaps. Then, I realize that it’s not you, but those thoughts of you that I constantly have in my mind. I love the thoughts but would love you really being here much better! I miss you and love you bunches and bunches!

  • I have you on my mind, along with all of the things that I want to do to you. Wish you were here for me to share my thoughts and fingers with. I miss you bunches!

  • I don’t really even know what to do because I’m all by myself. I need you here!

  • Being apart takes forever. But, when we are together, time seems to fly by. I miss you much!

  • One of the saddest stories ever told would be of two lovers missing each other so much that it hurts just like us right now.

  • Even though we are far apart, I love you more than words can say. I’m missing everything about you!

  • I can’t think of any position worse than this one you there and me here. Please get back here to me!

  • I may not like the fact that being apart is our current situation, but I always have thoughts of your smile filling my mind and warming my heart.

  • We have a blast together. I miss that! I miss you!

  • No, I can’t. I just couldn’t. I have to get to you. I can’t bear to be alone. I miss you so much!

  • With each new day, I have thoughts of you, hoping that your day is as wonderful as you are. I miss you, Love!

  • Being alone is taking forever. I need you so that I can get into a new time zone the happily ever after zone.

  • If I were with you, when you would get ready for bed, I would be there to receive you and keep you all cozy.

  • I’ve been wishing on all of the stars that I see. I’m doing all that I can to get you back here. I miss you so much!

  • There is so much that I love about you, including the back parts that love to be touched by me. Well, I want to do some touching so get your backside over here!

  • Sweetie, you are so missed!

  • Being alone is not good. I need you here with me.

  • I am missing you like crazy!

  • With me that’s the one way that

  • Blue, dark, and lonely that’s what life has been like without you here.

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