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New Year Messages. What to Write in a New Year Card

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching! Getting those New Year greetings out to all your friends, family members, colleagues, and other loved ones makes it especially important the words say what you need them to say. If you find yourself at a loss for words or just need a little inspiration, we here at New Year Messages have complied a list of potential messages you can use to help you find the right words to say. Feel free to look through them all and combine the messages to make yours even more unique. We here at wish you all the very best on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day!

New Year Messages

  • Your love means so much and you are such a big part of me. I’m hoping that this New Year will bring us even closer and make us love and appreciate each other more and more! Happy New Year With Love!

  • You make me happy and I am wishing you that same happiness in this New Year. I am so grateful for being able to call you "Friend"! Happy New Year!

  • You are an awesome friend and I have enjoyed the friendship that we share for so long it has become a part of who I am. Thanks and I look forward to many more years of friendship! Happy New Year!

  • No matter what the past has been, each New Year brings things anew. That’s my New Year wish and I hope all of yours come true Happy New Year!

  • Wishing you a sweet start to the New Year!

  • My hope for you in the New Year remains the same as what I hope from day to day That you will prosper in happiness and love and that God’s love and joy will light your way!

  • Praying that God’s love keep you happy, peaceful, and content in the New Year.

  • I would love to make a resolution that I can actually stick to. So, this year, I’ve decided that every day, I will devote at least one great thought to one great person and that great person is YOU! Easy breezy!! Happy New Year!

  • Let’s enjoy the great things that this New Year will bring! The New Year is a perfect time for experiencing, discovering, and learning how to be happier and better! Happy New Year!

  • There is so much that can happen and so much that will. Wishing you the excitement of the endless possibilities that life brings! Happy New Year!

  • Old was good, but new is destined to be great. Old has gone, but the new can’t wait! Happy New Year!

  • We’re all starting over it’s a New Year! Let’s make this one better than ever!

  • Each year brings with it another chance to start fresh. Wishing you a year of realized goals and dreams come true! Happy New Year To You!

  • Eliminate the limits and explore the possibilities in this New Year!

  • Hope your year is great and that you have many opportunities for wonderful happenings! Happy New Year!

  • Last was awesome. So, I’m pretty sure this new year is going to kick butt! Happy New Year!

  • Our lives are full of memories and of moments that we’ve shared. So, I’m sending this special New Year’s wish to you to let you know that I truly care. Happy New Year To My Special Friend!

  • From here to there and everywhere may your year be filled with smiles! Happy New Year!

  • Peace and happiness That my New Year’s wish, especially for you!

  • You give me a love that is worth cherishing, worth nurturing, and a beautiful addition to my life. Happy New Year and Thank You For Your Love!

  • May your year fill your life with everything that makes you happy! Happy New Year!

  • I am thankful for having you for my friend. How wonderful life could be for others if they had people in their lives who care like you do. Happy New Year!

  • May God guide you, help you, and shower you with love in this New Year and always!

  • May the love of God brighten your life and fill your new year with happiness, peace, and comfort! Happy New Year! God bless you!

  • May God’s love fill your life now and in the New Year!

  • A New Year brings a fresh start and many moments that will warm the heart. Happy New Year!

  • A new start, a new world of opportunities, a New Year! Hope all of yours are fantastic!

  • Each new tomorrow has the promise of being great and truly beautiful! Happy New Year!

  • Great things are up ahead for this New Year! Hope you have plenty of chances to enjoy them!! Happy New Year!

  • Great year ahead! That’s what I’m hoping for you!

  • Hoping that you draw nearer to God in the coming New Year! God’s blessings be upon you! Happy New Year!

  • I’m wishing you more than just one happy day. I’m wishing you a year of happiness that comes to you day after day after day!

  • It’s time to celebrate! It’s a New Year!! Hope yours is awesome!

  • Joy, love, and peace be with you in the New Year!

  • Just a quick "Hi" to let you know that you’re thought about as the New Year is approaching. Hope that you have the best year of your life!

  • May the peace and joy of the season fill your heart and New Year!

  • May your holiday season be as merry as possible. Happy New Year!

  • Praying God’s grace upon you, His love be in you, and His care protect you in this New Year!

  • Be sure to put having a great time on your New Year’s Resolution!

  • Cheers! It’s a New Year!

  • Everyone deserves a little happiness. I’m hoping that yours comes with the many magical moments that a new year can bring! Happy New Year!

  • Fantastic things are coming your way. Hope your New Year is packed full of fantastic days!

  • From a distance, it may seem like there are so many miles between us. But our hearts will keep us close, keep us in remembrance of each other, and keep us holding on to those moments that we shared. Happy New Year!

  • Good tidings, blessings, and all things wonderful is what I’m hoping for you in the New Year! May God Bless You!

  • Have a ball! Have a blast! May the New Year bring many moments that make you smile and laugh! Happy New Year!

  • Here’s to hoping that every moment is one worth enjoying! Happy New Year!

  • Hope that the New Year is brimming with wonderful! Happy New Year!

  • Hope you’re prepared to flash that amazing smile and an aura of peace and joy in the New Year!

  • Hope your year is one magical moment after the next! Happy New Year!

  • Hoping that your New Year is super happy!

  • Hoping that your New Year will be a serene retreat as you embrace life’s amazing tomorrows. Happy New Year!

  • I hope that you enjoy God’s goodness even more in the coming year and that we have many marvelous moments of fellowship. Happy New Year and God Bless!

  • If we all had the opportunity to start over again, we’d wish for a better tomorrow, love, happiness, and wonderful family and friends. We’d wish for everything we’ve wanted and all we’ve wanted to be. We’d wish for a friendship like the one shared with you and me. Happy New Year To A Wonderful Friend!

  • Let’s celebrate! Let’s get it on! Let’s rock out this New Year!

  • May blessings follow you each day of this New Year and may your life be filled with faith, hope, and happiness!

We here at hope we were able to provide you with the words you wanted to say or at least to give you a little inspiration to pass along New Year Wishes to your friends, family members, and colleagues. Even if you didn't use our messages, we hope you will pass our website along to the people you know so they can see what might be available for them too. Please send us a message to let us know how we are doing.

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