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Nurses Day Messages. What to Write in a Nurses Day Card or Note

For all those times you may have spent in the hospital, the emergency room, or the doctor’s office the nurse who took care of you from the moment you arrived helped you overcome your ailments. Your spouse may be a nurse at the local medical facility. Either way, giving them Nurses Day wishes will brighten their day and make them realize they mean so much to so many. The Nurses Day quotes you find here will add your personal Nurses Day messages making them smile and feel uplifted. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Nurses Day Messages

  • It’s just what you do your one of life’s most precious helpers and your service to others is priceless. Thank you. Happy Nurses Day!

  • Nurses are underappreciated. Most people don’t realize their worth until they need something important for their health. Then, it seems they can’t make it without them! Unlike them we appreciate you EVERYDAY! Happy Nurses Day!

  • Daughter, you have what so many only dream of intelligence, skills, kindness, and professionalism. You’re an inspiration and a gift to your patients. We are so proud of you! Happy Nurses Day

  • You don’t get nearly as much gratitude sent your way as you deserve. Today, we celebrate you, your service, and your labor of love. You are a phenomenal nurse who deserves honor today and always. Happy Nurses Day!

  • Having you for a loving daughter has meant the world to me. Knowing that you are just as loving and caring to your patients makes me proud beyond words. I’m thankful for the professional that you have become. Happy Nurses Day!

  • What would doctors do without nurses? Uh work, for one! Happy Nurses Day!

  • You give so much of yourself to give comfort and healing to someone else. You deserve to be honored today. Happy Nurses Day!

  • Even when you’re not caring for the sick, you’re being one of the best caring friends that a person could ask for! I’m grateful to have you in my life. Enjoy Your Nurses Day!

  • What you offer to your patients goes beyond basic care. It gets to the core of who they are and makes their journey to a healthier life more realistic and comfortable. You’re wonderful. Happy Nurses Day!

  • Who ever said that nurses don’t hear "thank you" enough? They were right. But, today we change history. THANK YOU TIMES INFINITY!! That should do it! Happy Nurses Day

  • Everyone who has ever been treated or cared for you by you knows YOU’RE SPECIAL! Happy Nurses Day!

  • Your patients are so fortunate to have been cared for by you. I know this because you are one of the most caring friends that I’ve ever had. Happy Nurses Day!

  • You constantly make a difference in people’s lives..It’s just what you do. Well Done! Happy Nurses Day!

  • You do more for your patients that people realize. Not only do you help them with their health issues, but you also give them the confidence and encouragement that you need to truly heal. Happy Nurses Day!

  • There’s more to caregiving than just the technical stuff. It’s the actual care and kindness that you put into your work that makes you different from so many. Happy Nurses Day!

  • You’re just naturally kind and compassionate. Happy Nurses Day!

  • You help others through your work and you make it look so easy. You’re an amazing professional! Happy Nurses Day!

  • You are so much more than your average "nurse". You’re a gift to all of those who have been blessed to receive your care. Happy Nurses Day!

  • You understand what it takes for others to heal more than "medicine", giving them a smile, a bit of comfort, and an encouraging word can help to bring about miracles! Happy Nurses Day!

  • You have always been a professional "nice person". That’s why nursing is the perfect job for you! Happy Nurses Day!

  • It’s your time to be cared for and spoiled. Nurses Day is about giving back to wonderful professionals like you! Happy Nurses Day!

  • If I said that you have an amazing cranium would you think I was a smarty? No OK Well, in all honesty, YOU’RE THE NURSE and an awesome one at that! Happy Nurses Day!

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