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Encouragement Messages. What to write in an Encouragement Card

Encouragement Messages. What to write in an Encouragement Card

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you may feel stuck. You may know some of your friends, colleagues, and family members who are feeling this way. All they need from you is some inspiration and personalized encouragement messages will help them come out of their doldrums. The encouragement quotes you can find on this site will help you craft the right words to make them smile and feel loved enough to move past the challenges they face. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Encouragement Messages

  • God will do what He needs to do for you to get your victory over this situation. Let God fix it!

  • Never stop hoping, believing, or loving God!

  • I don’t always have the perfect words to say, but I always have the perfect intentions. So, please know that even if things are confusing right now, you’re not alone and you have someone who is ready to be there when you need them ME!

  • Brighter days will come sooner than you realize. This hard time will seem like a blink later on in your full and wonderful life.

  • Through the storms of life, you’re shielded by our Great God! Praying for you

  • You can do it. I can do it. With the help of The Lord we can do everything that’s in our hearts!

  • If things become insane to the point of losing your hair, don’t worry too much because you have a friend who will always be there.

  • We all believe it’s going to work out! Just hold on a little longer!

  • It doesn’t happen overnight give it time.

  • You may be feeling like you can’t make it. But, I believe that you have an inner strength that will help you to win this fight! I just know that you will!

  • It’s going to happen and I will be here to cheer you on!

  • We have to take some of this with a little of that because that’s how recipes and life seems to work.

  • If you it always rained, then, we would always have beautiful flowers and rainbows!

  • I really do care In case you were unsure, I really do care. I’m a friend for you when you hurt and when you need someone near. I’m a friend for you when the times get rough and when tears begin to flow. I’m a friend that cares and I’m sure, now, you truly know.

  • Most things don’t happen overnight, like flowers growing, it takes time, patience, and lots of support. I’m here if you need any of those things from me to help you to realize your full potential.

  • I would totally erase all those sad feelings that you’re having if I had a ginormous eraser.

  • Times can be rough but when they are ignore them and have a blast just doing what you want! It will get better!

  • Tell me what you need and I’ll jump in a jet and get it! I would do that to help you feel better.

  • If experience is supposed to be the teacher, I say we get another one that will always be nice!

  • You are my gift from God, and I am yours. He knew we would need one another!

  • Don’t let go of your hopes and dreams They will lead you to exactly the place that you want to be!

  • Don’t turn around and don’t look too far into things to come. Simply believe that you’ll make it and beside you will be supporter number one! I’m here for you!

  • Nothing is impossible with God. Just believe. I’m praying that you get the faith and strength to go after your heart’s desires.

  • There is definitely a much better ending to this craziness. I will be there to celebrate that ending with you!

  • You are not doing this on your own There’s an army of people that are behind you, praying for you, and believing that you’ll make it through with flying colors!

  • Things may feel very heavy at times, but God can lighten your load if you just give it all over to Him to work out. God bless you. You are in my prayers!

  • Our friendship was in God’s plan. He knew that I would need you and that you would need me. He’s such a perfect God!

  • No "fair weather friend" here I’m the "through the storming rain" type.

  • Things can get totally out of whack sometimes. Thank goodness for tomorrows!

  • May you feel the peace of God in your heart knowing that He is always there for you. You are in my prayers.ร‚ยด

  • Feel blessed knowing that God is smiling down on you. Praying for your peace.

  • Money is not the answer to all of your problems .some, DEFINITELY, but not all!

  • It takes a strong person to realize that they can do it regardless of what comes their way. Go for it!

  • You stay in my prayers!

  • I give you credit for the way that you are managing through this thing It’s really admirable!

  • In case you didn’t know the stupids, the dummies, and the ridiculous ones all work as a team. No idea why I guess we would have to be idiots to understand. Thankfully, we never will!

  • You’re always doing for others May you have a few serene moments to get renewed for all that you have before you.

  • Watching you face this test gives me a greater appreciation for your inner strength and ability to overcome.

  • I believe that God will help you to accomplish your goal. You should too.

  • A great big hug available especially for you here if you need it!

  • Even in the midst of the stuff you have to do, don’t ever neglect to do the most for you!

  • Everything doesn’t revolve around our problems. They are just a small part of what gives life its highs and lows.

  • God hears you when you think He’s not even listening. He is there to comfort you in all things. He loves you more than we will ever realize.

  • God never stops caring for and protecting you never.

  • Patience is important and so is hope during times like these. You will get through this!

  • I always try to stay totally positive in my thinking. That’s the best advice that I can give you. But, then there are times when I’m not so positive and I have this really mischievous smile on my face. It’s about balance!

  • I would take it all away if I could

  • When things make you feel all unraveled, God is there to wind it all back together in your favor.

  • Prayer definitely can change things I’m praying for your change to come right now!

  • You know that I’m here waiting in the wings if you need me.

  • May the warm winds blow just for you!

  • If life were as easy at technology, we could just click "Off" when we don’t want to be bothered!

  • If life becomes a little rough, pull out a file and smooth it all out!

  • Step-by-step You’ll make it!

  • If I could tell you two basic things to help you make it through, they would be to hold on and to know that I’m here for you!

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