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Encouragement Messages. What to write in an Encouragement Card

Encouragement Messages. What to write in an Encouragement Card

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you may feel stuck. You may know some of your friends, colleagues, and family members who are feeling this way. All they need from you is some inspiration and personalized encouragement messages will help them come out of their doldrums. The encouragement quotes you can find on this site will help you craft the right words to make them smile and feel loved enough to move past the challenges they face. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Encouragement Messages

  • Those that mean a lot to us know that we go to the one that means the world to us to help them through. I’m praying for you and God is listening.

  • Tomorrow can be a fabulous new start That’s my hope and wish for you!

  • Potential you’ve got it bursting at the seams!

  • Change is hard and life can be too. I’m here if you need me to help you get through those harder times.

  • I don’t have the best singing voice. Of course, everyone around me knows this too, especially when I’m hopping mad because that’s what helps me get through singing, singing, and singing!

  • We’re like the dynamic duo working to overcome all of the adversities of life. We can do it together

  • Even though tears are wetting your pillow, I want you to know that I’m continuing to keep you in my prayers.

  • Sometimes, we feel a special touch in our hearts that’s the same as a great big hug from God.

  • I care a WHOLE LOT!

  • Even the sweet things in life, like fruit, have to go through a growing process.

  • I am here to listen when you need me and to wipe your tears, too. I am here to be the best friend that I can be to you!

  • You’re not alone. You’re permanently glued to my heart strings. I’m here to help you in any way that I can.

  • You need some "me time". Trust me; life won’t ever stop so just grab a moment!

  • May God give you the best of it all That’s my prayer for you.

  • Things don’t always happen right away. Sometimes, you have to endure lots of drips and drabs before the big splash!

  • It’s raining on your parade. It’s OK though. When the sun comes out, everything will be nice and clean, and shiny like crazy!

  • Wishing on a wishing well can make you feel so much better. Wishing that your worst nightmare were inside of that well can make you feel amazing!

  • It will happen bit by bit.

  • Did you realize that you could put a great twist on getting stressed? How about getting desserts? That’s the opposite and it works out much better!

  • May this little token encourage you to celebrate today!

  • Right after God, you’re the best confidante ever!

  • If you don’t know all the words to the tune, fill in with a peaceful hum!

  • There’s nothing that can keep you from flying to higher heights of hope! You have to just believe!

  • Dreams are meant to become real. That’s why when we wake up, we’ve found that they’ve stuck themselves to our brains!

  • Before you know it, things will be much sweeter! Sorry

  • God loves you and will always cause you to triumph. He does that for those that He loves and that includes YOU!

  • I know that this issue seems like it’s been lurking forever!

  • It’s a permanent opening ready to hug friends in need.

  • Goliath learned the hard way Never mess with a child of God! You’re going to win!

  • I wanted to check to be sure that you’re making it through.

  • Great times, inner joy, and a sense of peace .

  • There is something waiting for you at the end of this situation a big hug from me!

  • This may not last forever, so just soar and enjoy!

  • I’ll do my best to help shield you from this crazy storm!

  • Hypnosis starts with the hypnotist believing that this junk is gonna work!

  • I know a great cure for the blues Beating a big chunk of meat until it’s feeling the same way!

  • How in the world do you keep your cool with all that’s happening?

  • I do care hope that makes you feel better!

  • I’ll keep cheering you on because that’s what friends do! YES, YOU CAN DO IT!!! GO! GO! GO!

  • Giving up is sometimes so much easier than you imagined. Sticking in there is sometimes so hard that you can appreciate each moment of the fight even more than you ever dreamed possible!

  • I can’t do anymore than I’m doing Praying and believing that God will bless you!

  • May the sun smile on you with warmth and comfort.

  • Stuff happens and sometimes it stinks!

  • Believe that you will, and before you know it, it will be a done deal!

  • The truth is: Not everyone will appreciate you keeping a very positive perspective on things. I say, "Let them look down and dumb by themselves!"

  • When things got really tough one time, I turned to a friend They didn’t turn back to listen to what I was trying to say. I have since changed my number so they won’t have to worry about calling me or hearing me any more! I’m here for you, though

  • It starts with a thought and grows into a reality. You can do it!

  • You may feel alone, but you’re not. There’s a whole bunch of caring people that are here for you that includes me!

  • It won’t be long before you make it through!

  • Hoping that it gets so much better that you end up smiling like a Cheshire cat!

  • If you can only trust that there is a silver lining waiting to sparkle just for you!

  • If all that you have are morsels, put them together to make one big chip!

  • I can’t help hoping the best for you.

  • Who said that life would bring hard times? Let’s find them and tell them how upset we are that they only prophecy bad stuff!

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