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Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to Write in an Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to write in an anniversary card

Wishing someone Happy Anniversary for their wedding, their job, or other events special to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones adds to your relationship with them. Passing along your Anniversary wishes makes them all feel special and flattered that you remembered their special day. Writing your Anniversary messages to them expresses your feelings about them and that you recognize how special they are in your life. The Anniversary quotes you include in your card to the happy couple will tell them your heartfelt thoughts and well wishes for their special day. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Anniversary Card Messages

  • The life that we have built together didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t easy to do. It took a lot of smiles, tears, laughter, and love. I love our life together and truly believe that it was made especially for you and me! Happy Anniversary!

  • You’re everything to me and I’m grateful to have you as my true soul mate my wife! Happy Anniversary!

  • Your love is worth more than the most precious gems on the Earth. It’s special, unique, and most importantly MINE! Happy Anniversary!

  • Your anniversary is a true celebration of the love that God has given the two of you! Blessings To You Both!

  • Your lives have both been made even more perfect since you became one. Happy Anniversary!

  • You’ve both made our family and home a place of peace, love, and happiness. Today, we celebrate you for that. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

  • To My Husband On Our Anniversary Right from the start, I knew you were someone that I wouldn’t be able to live without. I was right and I’m so glad that I haven’t had to live without you in my life. I love you!

  • You are so many things to me and everything that makes my heart skip a beat. You’re my husband. You’re my best friend. You’re my today and my tomorrow. I love you! Happy Anniversary

  • We all got the best out of this "love" deal Mom, you got the best husband. Dad, you got the best wife, and I got the best parents, examples, and role models that I could ever have wished for! Happy Anniversary!

  • You have 20 years of wonderful life moments to hold on to and celebrate today! Happy 20th Anniversary!

  • Wishes, hopes, and dreams You have a lifetime to continue to fulfill them, together! Happy Anniversary To A Wonderful Daughter and Son-in-Law!

  • A word of thanks, a word of love is what I’m sending to you on your special day because you have made our life and our family wonderful in every way! Happy Anniversary To My Parents!

  • We really got a great addition to our family when the two of you tied the knot. We’ve been celebrating ever since and we love you both a lot! Happy Anniversary!

  • Wishing two dear friends a wonderful anniversary You deserve so much today for your dedication to each other and the inspiration that your love brings to the lives of those around you. Happy Anniversary!

  • You’ve made a milestone that others only dream of achieving and you did it together! Happy 20th Anniversary!

  • 50 years together is something to be proud of and something to be admired. Happy 50th Anniversary!

  • A lifetime of love, shared moments, and happiness May you have them all, together! Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary To My Brother and Sister-in-Law! It’s your day and my hope is that it’s full of the things that keep your marriage wonderful smiles, love, kisses, and dreams that become reality!

  • Wishing you an anniversary that’s engulfs you in love! Happy Anniversary!

  • Two fabulous people plus love equals a lifetime of happiness. It’s simple addition! Happy Anniversary!

  • Wishing you special times, loving moments, and sweet memories throughout your marriage! Happy Anniversary, Daughter and "Son"!

  • Wonderful marriage Wonderful love Wonderful life Happy Anniversary!

  • May you have many more days to love and cherish each other..Happy Anniversary To My Daughter and Son-in-Law!

  • My life has turned into this wonderful thing that I can share with my best friend and the love of my life. Happy Anniversary With Love!

  • Warmest hopes for a wonderful 25th Anniversary! Celebrate your love and all the wonderful things that you have conquered together! Happy Anniversary!

  • What God has brought together on that day is still going strong today Isn’t that beautiful?! Happy Anniversary

  • Whatever puts a smile on both of your faces do it! It’s your anniversary!

  • Wishing you a home, heart, and life full of love and happiness! Congratulations On Your Anniversary

  • Wishing you a lifetime of marvelous moments and the time together to share them! Happy Anniversary!

  • Words don’t really tell the story, but your love speaks volumes. 50 years ago today, you both made vows to each other and you’ve kept them. Today we honor you and congratulation you on your golden anniversary!

  • You are both in my heart today as I think on your love and your devotion to each other. Your marriage is an inspiration and worthy of being celebrated! Happy Anniversary!

  • You have true love. You have true friendship. You have true happiness and for that, I’m grateful! Happy Anniversary To A Fantastic Son and "Daughter"!

  • May you have the most precious life moments together. Happy Anniversary!

  • May your love be renewed each day like the sun! Happy Anniversary

  • No matter where I am in life, as long as I have you next to me, I’ll be fine! Happy Anniversary To The Man I Love!

  • No, we’re not the "cutest" couple anymore. No, we don’t giggle and stare into each other’s eyes all day long. No, we can actually stand to be apart for more than a minute. But, one thing that will always stay alive and kicking is the love that we share. It’s the happiest and most comfortable part of my life! I love you! Happy Anniversary!

  • Not everyone has what we have We found it in each other and it’s been growing into something even more wonderful ever since! Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happiest. May your anniversary be filled with whatever makes you happy! God bless you!

  • The beauty that is your love is clearly present on the inside and outside of your relationship. You inspire us all! Happy Anniversary!

  • Together of course that’s totally where the two of you belong! Happy Anniversary!

  • We have such an awesome life together. It’s totally filled with love! Happy Anniversary!

  • When you add it all together, two great people, two loving hearts, you end up with a huge amount of happiness! Happy Anniversary!

  • Yeah, we have our ups and downs, some really good and some even better! Oh, yeah, we have issues sometimes, too, but our other ups and downs are so much better! Happy Anniversary, Babe!

  • You may physically grow older but your love will always shine like new! Happy Anniversary!

  • You’ve both given each other so much love and today, we celebrate along with you. Happy Anniversary To Our Daughter and Son-in-Law!

  • 25 years of marriage means 25 years of memories, happiness, friendship, and love. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  • Being a fantastic couple never goes out of style. May you always enjoy each other in love! Happy Anniversary

  • Can an anniversary card do more than say "Happy Anniversary"? This one does it actually brings forth more love and helps you reflect on the years that you’ve shared together. Is it working yet? Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

  • For A Wonderful Wife Words do get in the way of my feelings sometimes. I just can’t seem to get them out. But, there are three words that sum up how I feel and what you truly mean to me I love you. Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Belated Anniversary! It’s never too late to wish someone well and so I hope this wish finds you before your next anniversary!

  • Hoping that your 25th anniversary shined as brightly as your wedding day with love! Happy 25th Anniversary!

  • I’m a little bit late, but totally glad that the love that you two share is timeless and absolutely wonderful! Happy Belated Anniversary!

  • I’m so glad that I found someone who knows exactly what makes me happy. Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • I’m so thankful that you are my husband. My life means so much more! Happy Anniversary With Love!

  • If we didn’t know better, we’d think that the two of you had just fallen in love That’s awesome! Happy Anniversary!

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