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Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to Write in an Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to write in an anniversary card

Wishing someone Happy Anniversary for their wedding, their job, or other events special to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones adds to your relationship with them. Passing along your Anniversary wishes makes them all feel special and flattered that you remembered their special day. Writing your Anniversary messages to them expresses your feelings about them and that you recognize how special they are in your life. The Anniversary quotes you include in your card to the happy couple will tell them your heartfelt thoughts and well wishes for their special day. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Anniversary Card Messages

  • Let’s celebrate our beautiful life together with happiness and joy! Happy Anniversary!

  • Life gets better when you are with the one that you truly love. My life is fantastic because I’m sharing it with you. Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • Life is about more than the everyday stuff. It’s about sharing it with the one that makes each day more and more worth living. Happy Anniversary!

  • Life moves so quickly and if you’re not mindful, it can pass you by in a flash. Let’s take time to stop, rediscover each other, and love each other even more than before It’s our anniversary! Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • Loving my man right about now! Happy Anniversary!

  • May happiness fill your life each and every day. Happy Anniversary To A Beautiful Daughter and Precious Son-in-Law!

  • May your first anniversary be the start of many more amazing anniversaries to come!

  • May your lives be as happy and full of love as your hearts are right now! Happy Anniversary!

  • My eyes are still stuck on you and always will be. Happy Anniversary!

  • My lips love all parts of you! Happy Anniversary, Babe!

  • My prayer for the two of you is that your lives continue to flourish in faith, with blessings, and in love. Happy Anniversary!

  • No doubt, you have gone through a lot of different situations and circumstances in your marriage, and yet, God has helped you through them all and kept you together in love. May God bless you on your anniversary!

  • Nope, we don’t agree on everything. But that’s what keeps things lively in here! Happy Anniversary!

  • Now you know that life can really be a fairy tale if you have the love of your life with you to make it come true! Happy Anniversary!

  • Our minds go back to when you were a boy and how we have watched you grow into a wonderful man. Now, we have been blessed to see you become a husband and we are so happy and proud! Happy Anniversary To A Fantastic Grandson and His Wife!

  • So glad you found exactly where you fit in this world in each other’s arms! Happy Anniversary!

  • Some things in our lives may never be perfect, but our love sure is! Happy Anniversary!

  • Someone has to be the example of a fantastic marriage So glad it’s the two of you! Happy Anniversary!

  • The two of you are one of God’s best matches that He made. It’s right up there with PB&J! Happy Anniversary!

  • The two of you have 40 years of true love under your belt and a lifetime of memories to come! Happy 40th Anniversary!

  • There is so much that the two of you share from precious moments to monumental memories that define a life together. Let’s Celebrate Them All Today! Happy Anniversary!

  • Think back and be grateful that you’ve built such a magnificent life together! Happy Anniversary!

  • Time flies when you’re having well, without cable, I’m sure you know exactly how fast time will fly when you’re together. Happy Anniversary!

  • We all love knowing a happy couple like the two of you! Happy Anniversary!

  • What a beautiful couple the two of you make and today, your Anniversary, gives us even more reason to celebrate! Happy Anniversary To A Fantastic Daughter and "Son"!

  • What if we got an inch closer for every year that we’ve shared. Eventually well, we would end up Yeah! Let’s try that!!! Happy Anniversary!

  • Who knew that our family would live on and on, and that from one day I would be here to see the blessing of your wedding and now, your anniversary. You have both given me great joy and I wish you love forever. Happy Anniversary To My Granddaughter and Her Husband!

  • Will you ever know exactly how your love makes me feel? Will you ever know what I’d do to keep you happy? Will you ever know that even after all of these years, I still can’t live without you? If you didn’t know, you know now! Happy Anniversary To My Soul mate

  • Wishing you an even stronger bond, a stronger friendship, and a stronger feeling of true love. Happy Anniversary to My Brother and His Wife!

  • Wishing you day in and day out of fantastic moments together! Happy Anniversary

  • Wishing you the most happiness possible on this anniversary and always! Happy Anniversary To A Fantastic Son and "Daughter"!

  • You are still one of the coolest couples that I’ve ever known. Happy Anniversary To My Sister and Her Husband!

  • You know that my poop stinks, but you don’t care because I know that yours stinks, too. Love is great! Happy Anniversary!

  • You’re wedding was a day to remember, from the flower girl that refused to throw flowers to the best man that forgot the ring. But in the end, love made it all one wonderful memory! Happy Anniversary!

  • I’m sending you wishes, hopes, and plenty of love as we honor the two of you for who you are and what you have a beautiful love and marriage that has stood the test of time. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

  • 10 years looks good on you! Happy Anniversary!

  • 40 years is a long time to be in love unless, you’re in love with your best friend and those 40 years have gone by in a flash! Congratulations on your 40th anniversary!

  • A celebration of love is what this 10th anniversary brings. May you continue to enjoy each other and the best of everything! Congratulations!

  • A friend indeed, that’s who you are. The very best one that I have by far. Happy Anniversary!

  • After 25 years, I’m ready to admit I LOVE YOU and I CAN"T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! Happy 25th Anniversary, Sweetheart!

  • All praises be to God for the two of you being able to celebrate another year together in love! Happy Anniversary!

  • Anniversaries are wonderful times for reflecting on the love and strength that exists within a family. Today, we celebrate your anniversary and we reflect with love in our hearts and admiration of your marriage. Happy Anniversary With Love

  • Anniversary wishes for two! May your day be one of the most amazing ever!

  • As far as honeymoons go It seems like the two of you are STILL on yours! Happy Anniversary!

  • Because it’s our anniversary, I wanted to be sure to make you know that your love is one of the things that makes my life better and better and better! Happy Anniversary To My Love

  • Both of you are in our thoughts and so very happy that you have been so successful in your marriage. Happy Anniversary!

  • Can I get a big one right here? Kiss I was talking about a kiss! I love the way that you think!! Happy Anniversary To My Sexy Hubby!

  • Can both parents be top dog? Definitely when they’ve got a top marriage! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

  • Can you quit it just for one minute? You two STILL can’t enough of each other even after all of these years Congrats! Happy Anniversary!

  • Cherish this time together and the moments that you are sharing. You’ll only celebrate your "first" anniversary once Hoping it’s the beginning of a lifetime of wonderful times!

  • Day after day, my love for you keeps going and going! Happy Anniversary!

  • Don’t treat your anniversary as just another day on the calendar. It’s your day and it represents every day that you’ve been together and in love. Essentially, it’s a celebration of your lives together, not just another day. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  • Don’t you think it’s amazing that I found such an awesome wife when I can never even find where I left my teeth!?! Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • Dream dreams. Hope beyond hope. Love continually. That’s what you’ve done together and you have 50 marvelous years to show for you it! Happy Golden Anniversary!

  • Dreams do come true. Mine did when I married you! Happy Anniversary To My Husband

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