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Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to Write in an Anniversary Card

Happy Anniversary Card Messages. What to write in an anniversary card

Wishing someone Happy Anniversary for their wedding, their job, or other events special to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones adds to your relationship with them. Passing along your Anniversary wishes makes them all feel special and flattered that you remembered their special day. Writing your Anniversary messages to them expresses your feelings about them and that you recognize how special they are in your life. The Anniversary quotes you include in your card to the happy couple will tell them your heartfelt thoughts and well wishes for their special day. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Anniversary Card Messages

  • Each step of your 50 year journey was in preparation for this very day. Happy 50th Anniversary!

  • Each year brings another opportunity for 354 days to keep the love going!

  • Each year is another opportunity to love each other even more I see you’ve truly taken advantage of that! Happy Anniversary To A Phenomenal Son and His Wife!

  • Each year together seems to make your smiles grow larger and larger! Happy Anniversary!

  • Enjoy this anniversary as if it were your wedding night! This time, however, nobody will be paying for you to lay up or showering you with gifts for doing it! Happy Anniversary!

  • Every moment has been instrumental in creating our quilt of life, made of happy times, struggles, tears, and love. Happy Anniversary!

  • Everyday that we are together, I am given a special gift of love whether it’s a moment in time or a warmness in my heart. It’s there. Thank you! Happy Anniversary, My Love

  • Everyday, we go and go in different directions to do what we must do. Yet, our hearts are forever intertwined and they keep us close and knit in love everyday, just me and you! Happy Anniversary!

  • Everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband, I have found in you. Happy Anniversary To My Dream Come True

  • Everything appears happier when I’m in your arms. Happy Anniversary!

  • For as much as we love you, we know that there is someone else who thinks the world of you and thanks makes us just as happy. Happy Anniversary To Our Grandson and His Beautiful Wife!

  • Forever and a day that’s how long I’m hoping that your love and memories will last! Happy Anniversary!

  • From my heart to the two of yours Happy Anniversary and many more!

  • From then to now and onward to the future Happy Anniversary and Much Love to you both!

  • From what I hear, it just gets better (and wilder) with time! Happy Anniversary!

  • Getting through, working things out, and always remembering that someone special is right by your side that’s a wonderful marriage and that’s what the two of you have. Happy Anniversary!

  • Glasses raised to celebrate you’re anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

  • God gave you a perfect mate and now the two have become a wonderful one! Happy Anniversary!

  • God knew what He was doing when He made the two of you He always does a perfect job! Happy Anniversary!

  • Great times together great moments to remember! Happy Anniversary!

  • Happy Anniversary Grandmom and Granddad! You’ve always taught us the real meaning of love which is family, care, and undying devotion. We appreciate you both on this day and always!

  • Happy Anniversary To A Brother and His Wife that are a great example of what true love is!

  • Happy Anniversary To My Brother and His Gorgeous Wife! You both deserve each other the best is yet to come!

  • Happy Anniversary To My Grandparents! There’s so much that could be said, but it’s best to keep things simple and say them from the heart. I love you both and wish you a Happy Anniversary. See just like you taught me!

  • Happy Anniversary To My Parents Looking at you, I have learned to believe in the power of true love.

  • Happy Anniversary To My Wonderful Wife! You make everyday more meaningful and for that, I thank you.

  • Happy Anniversary to a Fabulous Sister and a Really Cool "Brother"! The two of you are so special to me and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

  • Happy Anniversary! Here’s to hoping that you continue to enjoy a life full of smiles and lots of love!

  • Happy Golden Anniversary! Get ready for another 50 years of love and happiness!

  • Heartfelt wishes for a heart-warming anniversary! Happy Anniversary!

  • Here’s to hoping that your anniversary is as wonderful as each one of you. Happy Anniversary to a Special Granddaughter and Her Husband!

  • Hope that your first anniversary ushers in years of love, laughter, and great happiness! Happy First Anniversary!

  • Hope your celebration was as wonderful as the love that you share everyday. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  • Hoping that the happiness of this anniversary lasts all year long! Happy Anniversary To My Dad and His Wife!

  • Hoping that the two of you are still keeping "busy" just like us! Happy Anniversary!

  • Hoping that the world revolves around you if only for one night! Happy Anniversary!

  • I am happy to report that the two of you got the whole "love and cherish" deal completely right! Congrats on your anniversary!

  • I knew that there was more to life and I found it in you. Happy Anniversary, Love!

  • I may not ever be able to say it the way that I truly mean it but I do love you a WHOLE, WHOLE LOT! Happy Anniversary, Love!

  • I never knew that someone could be so happy in a marriage to such an amazing person. I’m glad that I can do that for you! Happy Anniversary, Honey!

  • I promised to dedicate my life to you and I’m still holding on to that! Happy Anniversary!

  • I wanted to get you the absolute top gem for your anniversary but all that I had enough for was this picture of one! Happy Anniversary!

  • I would not ever let your anniversary slip past me It’s such a special day that is at root of us coming together as a family. Happy Anniversary To My Parents!

  • I wouldn’t mind proposing to you again, on bended knee but you have to promise that you will accept and then you’ll help me up!! Happy Anniversary!

  • I’m a better person because of you. You bring so much to my life. Happy Anniversary To My Wife!

  • I’m sure neither of you can count the reasons for why you fell in love with each other. In a nutshell .it’s a whole lot! Happy Anniversary To Our Son and Daughter-in-Law!

  • If I could pick my ultimate space, it would be by your side with a smile on my face. Happy Anniversary!

  • If I had to sum up your entire relationship, I would have to say it’s full of love! Congratulations on your First Anniversary!

  • In Honor Of Your 50 Years Together .What God has made between the two of you is truly pure as gold! Happy Anniversary!

  • In order for a marriage to work, you just can’t take each other too seriously Yes, I did catch that bunny ears in the picture thing! Happy Anniversary!

  • Inside of each of you is a love that is made just for two. Happy Anniversary!You both have given up so much for each other like control of the AC. Happy Anniversary!

  • It must feel fantastic to have shared 25 years of life with your true love. Happy 25th Anniversary!

  • It was on purpose that you He made and that’s why we’re can celebrate your marriage on today! Happy Anniversary!

  • It’s a storybook romance that’s built upon love and not luck. It’s a tale that we have spun together. It’s a beautiful story and life about the two of us! Happy Anniversary With Love

  • It’s been ________ years already?? Amazing how you two are still so madly in love! Happy Anniversary!

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