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Sympathy Messages. What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Life has the habit of taking those we love from us occasionally. Whether it’s a member of the family, a trusted friend, a long-time colleague, or even a beloved pet; sympathy messages help bring us the reality that our loved ones care about our feelings. Creating sympathy wishes using the sympathy quotes on this site will help you to personalize what you want to say. Your sympathy card will let them know how much you care. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Sympathy Messages

  • We can’t take away the hurt, but we can do our best to comfort you with care and comfort. We are your friends and we are here for you now and always. With Sincere Sympathy

  • Losing your husband may be one of the hardest situations of your life. Hoping that you find healing in knowing that he loved you dearly and that your life together was an inspiration for those who know you both. You are entitled to your feelings and deserve the right to show them as you see fit. But, through all of this I know that you can make it. You are in my thoughts.

  • He hears your prayers and knows your heart. He won’t leave you now when you need Him most. With Deepest Sympathy

  • With Deepest Sympathy God knows what’s best for us. May you find comfort in knowing and believing this.

  • May these peonies be a reminder for you of the wonderful memories and love that you shared with your loved one. With Sincere Sympathy

  • Hoping that you can find the peace and resolve to hold on to the good. You are in our hearts.

  • She was one of the best parts of you and the love that the two of you had will inspire couples for years to come. May you find peace to get through losing your wife.

  • When You’ve Loss Someone You need to know that there are others who care greatly about you like me.

  • Loving a loved one is never easy. Life is never the same. However, if you can find peace in this loss, you may find a renewed love for the memories that they have left you with. With Deepest Sympathy

  • You father meant a lot to you and to those who knew him. His presence will be greatly missed. Holding you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers during your time of loss.

  • You have something special and precious that no one can ever take away from you your memories of the wonderful life that you shared with your loved one. In them, may you find the comfort and peace that you deserve.

  • Your loved one is resting now without the pain that plagued the lasts days of life as they knew it. Praying that you can find peace in believing that. With Sympathy

  • You are in my thoughts during this grieving period. Praying for your serenity.

  • With Sincere Sympathy My prayer is that God smile on you and gives you the peace that you need to make it through.

  • Praying that your thoughts are on the good and wonderful life that you were able to share and that you can take solace in that as you live on.

  • During this time of grief, I’m hoping that you can find serenity and solace. With Sincere Sympathy

  • *With great admiration for the life that your loved one led. With Sincere Sympathy

  • You have me and I have you. Together, we will get through this. With Sincere Sympathy

  • Time heals all wounds Yours, too, will heal with time. Until then, may you hold on to the good moments and thoughts that you have of your loved one and may you know that you are thought about by all who love you.

  • You are not alone. We are all here to help you and to give you encouragement so that you can make it during this time of loss. God has it all in control and will hold you up!

  • You have been a recipient of one of the most precious gifts ever the gift of knowledge, generosity, and sincerity that your father instilled in you. May his spirit always be remembered through you.

  • You are never alone in times like these, God’s angels surround you and shelter you. His love holds you up and gives you solace. His peace gives you strength to go on. You are in my prayers during this tough time.

  • Praying for God to give you serenity and peace during this difficult period in your life.

  • May you get comfort in knowing that their life was a testament to their character, dedication, and admirable sacrifice for this country’s freedom. Your family is in our thoughts during this time of loss.

  • Your wife meant the world to you and God knew that. He cared for her and put her to rest. May you find peace in knowing that, although there is hurt, you were given one of most precious gifts ever a life of love with someone special. With Sincere Sympathy

  • Even in your time of suffering, you are still blessed. You are being thought about, held in our hearts, and prayed for continually because we care for you.

  • Words can sometimes get in the way. So, for your family, my hope is that my actions will speak louder than any words that I could say. I’m praying for you. I’m here for you if you need me. I’m continuing to keep you all in my heart and thoughts. With Sincere Sympathy

  • With Sincere Sympathy No one can make your hurt go away, but each one who loves can do what we can to help you know that you are in our thoughts.

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