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Get Well Wishes. What to Write in a Get Well Soon Card

Get Well Wishes. What to Write in a Get Well Soon Card

Sometimes life makes us feel poorly either with the common cold, the sniffles, or something more. Sending Get Well messages of hope and good will can help make the person in need feel loved even more and bring a smile to their face and heart despite their illness or other challenges. The Get Well quotes you include in your Get Well wishes for them can aid in boosting their morale knowing that you’re thinking about them and wishing them back to health. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Get Well Wishes

  • You seem much more like the "real you" Glad you’re getting better!

  • God knows what you need and HE will provide it for your speedy healing. May God’s love help you through this.

  • There wasn’t anything more comforting that I could send except those bright colored pills that we both know you don’t need! Get Well Soon!

  • He will never leave you, especially not when you’re sick. Trust in The Lord and He will help you to get through this with peace and an even greater measure of faith!

  • I’m going to keep rubbing my lucky leaf and my rabbit’s foot too, because I’m wishing that you’re a much healthier and happy you! Hope you feel better!

  • Do your best to get your rest! Hope you feel better real soon!

  • Apparently, you’re not supposed to laugh so hard that you’ll bust a stitch. While that would definitely be a sight to see, I encourage you NOT to do it.

  • May the brightness of the sun encourage you to feel a whole lot better!

  • May your hospital stay be short and your life get back to normal sooner than later! So sorry that you’re feeling under the weather.

  • My heart is full of warm wishes and care for you God made me that way!

  • May your operation be a success and your hospital stay have little or no stress. Hope you get through this mess and I wish you nothing but the best!

  • More than one wish, a bushel of wishes is what we have for you, just so that you know we are wishing you back to the best of health, too!

  • Eat, drink, and get better!

  • Not much to this card except a really quick STOP BEING SICK!!! Wishing you well

  • You are being thought about RIGHT NOW! Hope that you’re faring well!

  • If they don’t give you the royal treatment during your hospital stay let me know!

  • The only thing that you should have on your list of priorities is: GET WELL SOON!

  • OK I understand that your recovery may not happen overnight. But it just HAS to happen! Hope that you start feeling your best real soon!

  • There is so much that I could say and so much that I could tell you to do. But, to sum it all up Please feel better real soon!

  • Who in the world wants to be sick? We can’t accept this! Get well as soon as possible!!!

  • I’m ready to shout with thanks for your victory! So, get well soon so that we can have a wonderful "HALLELUJAH" time!

  • We are here and won’t ever leave you to deal with this all by yourself. We love you and together, we’ll help you kick this illness in the butt!

  • We all agreed on this We want you to hurry up and get well. It was unanimous!

  • Being sick is like gambling. When you’re down, it’s a bummer. But, when you’re up, your smile can light up a room. Hope you get UP soon!

  • Think it and you can be it Think you’re better and you will be SOONER than LATER! Get well soon

  • Do you have to be sick NOW??? You’ve got to get well soon. Everybody’s telling me that I’m starting to look bad without having you around!

  • This may sound sheep. But, I’m so "glaaad" that you’re on the mend. God bless you in your recovery.

  • There are miracles in prayer I really believe that! Praying for your miracle right now!

  • Thanking God for giving you victory and allowing you to get back to good health. God is able to do it sooner than you realize!

  • Praying that each day is filled with rest, filled with love, and filled with hope that you’ll get better real soon.

  • Sending up prayers for you and wishing you well, too. Hope you know

  • You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Hope that you’re smiling and feeling better already!

  • Love from the bunch straight to you! Get well soon.

  • If I know you like I do, I’m sure you won’t be down for long!

  • Don’t let that thing keep you down. We’re wishing you better and hoping that you’ll soon be hopping again all over town!

  • You could open a "thought shop" with all of the thoughts that I have for you!

  • We’ve come to a unanimous vote that you should get well soon! Once the people vote, it just HAS to get done!

  • God can send you comfort as He works to mend your body. His healing happens at all times, in our natural body and in our spiritual minds. May you have peace in knowing that He is "operating" within you for your good!

  • Do you like happy cards? Great This is one of those! Hope that this card finds you happy and well!

  • Hoping that you’re resting and that your heart is at peace knowing that God is with you. God bless you and May you have a speedy recovery!

  • Nobody likes to be forced to slow down especially not you! Hope that you take this time to get your health in order and to really get some relaxation in. Feel better soon!

  • Day after day, thought after thought you’re there in our hearts! Hoping that you get well soon!

  • The operation has happened and I’m hoping that everything mends. Glad you were cared for by a professional and not one of our crazy shaky-handed friends!

  • Just know that we’re behind you 100%, wishing you a fast recovery and hoping that your days get better and better!

  • Get your rest and do what you need to do so that we can have the pleasure of experiencing a much healthier you!

  • Accidents are a pain. Sometimes, literally. Hope you feel like yourself real soon!

  • You probably can feel them. Yes, prayers are being sent from gobs and gobs of people. We just know it will work! Get well soon!

  • Nobody likes being sick. It’s so annoying! Hope you tell your sickness that so it can go away!

  • How’s about these babies for a pick me up? I knew a card full of smiles would do the job!

  • From The People You Work With We need you got get well REAL, REAL SOON!

  • This operation won’t stop you from being the type of golf player that we have always known and loved. I know pretty unfortunate, isn’t it!?

  • Wishing you brighter days ahead as you recover!

  • You have to stay in the bed?! Oh, no! Wishing you a speedy recovery and happy thoughts along the way to keep the positive energy flowing!

  • You deserve to be in health and to be at the top of your game! Feel better soon!

  • If I could do some funky trick to take away the pain I would do some type of "abracadabra" to make you whole again!

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