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Graduation Card Messages. What to Write in a Graduation Card

Graduation Card Messages. What to write in a graduation card?

Graduation from kindergarten, grade school, high school, college, or technical school is a huge accomplishment for your graduate. It’s important to recognize this terrific event with graduation wishes in a personalized graduation card. The graduation messages you write will make a positive impact on the young graduate and help boost their confidence. Any special graduation quotes you add to your graduation messages can help make the graduate smile and feel thankful to know you. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Graduation Card Messages

Graduation Card Messages

  • At the end of every successful school year comes something amazing and wonderful SUMMER!! ENJOY YOURS TO THE MAX!

  • Moving up and making strides. Congratulations on your graduation!

  • We are so proud, Preschool Graduate! You sure have done a lot of cool stuff!

  • Hope that your junior high school graduation is one of the best days ever!

  • Hoping that you continue to reach for your dreams. Happy Graduation!

  • If you were expecting a big bill in here, then, you are sadly mistaken. Your student loan repayment won’t start for another 6 months! Congratulations On Your Graduation!

  • Celebrating should be the first thing that you do! Go for it! Congratulations On Your Graduation!

  • You’re like an eagle, always flying high. Others are like ducks, just quacking up all the time. Congratulations!

  • The fastest way to success is by taking one step at a time! You’re on your way! Congratulations!

  • There’s no number higher than you. You beat them all out, even the number two! Congratulations To My Number One Preschool Graduate!


  • Wishing you a long and successful career in the medical profession. Congratulations On Earning Your Medical Degree, Doc!

  • You have grown into a fantastic and talented woman If you believe it, you will achieve it! Congratulations On Your Graduation!

  • Get ready because life is sure to be in full effect now! Congratulations, Graduate

  • Your life will be a great success because you’re such a great person! Congratulations On Receiving Your Law Degree!

  • Your tomorrow is sure to be brighter because you’re holding your diploma today! Congratulations!

  • Being the genius that I am, it is only fitting that I say, "Thanks". I could say it in like 50 different languages but like you always say, "I shouldn’t brag!"

  • You have made our family super proud! Way to go, Graduate!

  • Great friends, great times, and plenty of great educational opportunities. That’s what you had in grade school and that’s what you can expect as you move on! Congratulations, Grade School Graduate!

  • Happy Graduation, Grandson! You are everything that we hoped you would become and more. Congratulations!

  • I really appreciate what you’ve done to be a help to me this year. Thank you!

  • Congrats, Graduate! You did it and you have earned your place among the academic elite for your accomplishment!

  • There is so much up ahead. But, you already have a good start. Congratulations On Your Middle School Graduation!

  • Not only should you be proud We couldn’t be any prouder if we tried! Congratulations On Receiving Your Degree!!

  • If I never say anything else to you, I just want to be sure to say, "THANKS"!

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