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Romantic Love Messages. What to Write in a Love Romantic Card

You say “I love you” to your loved ones as much as possible and they know you love them. Sometimes taking the time to write your love messages down in a special way gives them a way to see it all the time. The love quotes you can find here on this site will aid you in creating your special love wishes to those your care deeply about giving them that extra special feeling that your love is always with them. So check out the messages and quotes here and send them a card today. We here at Card Messages wish you all the very best!

Romantic Love Messages

  • My life would have wound up being a search for you if we had never met. So, glad that we did! You saved me a lot of time!

  • I need to get some sleep it’s where I can totally dream about the love of my life for hours on end and without interruptions!

  • Me and you side by side best spot on the planet!

  • If I knew back then what I know now, I would have fallen in love with you years ago!

  • Getting to my heart may be easier if you take the time to get to know the keepers on the outside. They’re really warm and friendly.

  • Home is wherever you are It’s especially nice whenever I arrive and my LOVE-DAR spots you! I totally zoom in and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  • You are totally nibblelicious!

  • No matter how you want me packaged, you can be sure that I’m totally made for you.

  • You’re a magical gift. I know this because I totally wished for you!

  • Our love can be summed up with it, yet it makes one of the most massive and life changing statements possible: I love you!

  • Us just us really soon!

  • From that first moment, until this one now I felt connected to you I felt love.

  • Yes, I want it more now than ever before! Give it to me!!

  • Rolling with me sound like a plan?

  • Did you know that the thing that has most changed my life is falling in love with you?!

  • Unexpected life is full of wonderful and awesome surprises like falling in love with perfect, little you!

  • Whoever doubted that someone can instantly fall in love obviously never met you or else they would have been a firm believer like me!

  • Being away from you hurts OUCH! I miss you so much!

  • Happiness is us, loving each other. Life is .amazing!

  • Sharing my meals with the one I love just makes eating so much more pleasurable.

  • I am officially telling you that you don’t need to ask for it. It’s yours for the taking anytime!

  • You are perfect except those areas where you can stand to improve. I love you!

  • You’re the one and only .forever.

  • Nobody has ever done this You’re the only one. Go, Me!

  • I’m so barking glad that I have you in my life.

  • Caliente’! You always said that you like your stuff spicy what about kisses?

  • Not quite sure what it is, the fact that this just a bare card, but whatever it is I can’t stop thinking about you.

  • Basically I have lots of love for you!

  • We make such an amazing sound when we share our love It’s the one that makes us both all warm inside and it’s music to our ears!

  • God totally did this for us! He gave us this amazing love and I am so grateful! I wonder if other people know that He can give this thing out?

  • So, I get to have you and this amazing love forever? I’ll take it!

  • I’ve never had such a sweet, endearing, and memorable nickname before. Who knew that "YES!" would totally fit me?

  • Side by side, in each other’s arms loving, sharing, and laughing now, that’s my dream come true!

  • I need you otherwise; I’d be one sad, undersexed person.

  • I still have a hard time believing that you’re actually mine and that I’m yours! It’s fantastic! I love you!

  • Do you heart that? It’s the sound of my heart beating your name with love.

  • You are such a freak. I LOVE IT!

  • Inside I feel a great joy it’s what you do to me.

  • Our hearts are growing more and more in love with each passing year. Loving every minute of life with you!

  • Most people can’t say that they make an awesome and amazing gorgeous couple. We can!

  • With you I am loved like never before.

  • No I never thought it could be like this. But it is. I’m so happy and so in love with you!

  • My whole brain if flooded with everything wonderful about being with you. It’s totally affecting my heart and making me fall deeper and deeper in love with you!

  • The things that I would do to you if I had a remote to use on you Flipping channels would take on a whole new meaning.

  • You were running through my mind I don’t want to talk about the clothing situation

  • Expect more and more and more

  • The best part of beginning each day is having you to do the kick off!

  • This HAS to be what Heaven will be like full of happiness and love, love, love

  • All day all night you me .LOVE.

  • When we’re together, we make beautiful music. Sometimes, we have to keep the music to a soft moan, but it’s music nonetheless.

  • If they said that I had to pick someone to love, it would be you and they would be green with envy!

  • I never want you to wonder how I feel about you I LOVE YOU!

  • We make our moments together so yummy.

  • You probably thought I would send you a love poem that would focus on well, loving. Instead, I decided to just say, "I love doing fun things with you!" You are totally welcome to decide what that means!

  • My life is full of wonderful because I share it with you.

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