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Easter Love Quotes

The love Jesus Christ showed all of us led to his ascension to heaven. The Easter holiday includes love for everyone and not just the candy. Easter represents a terrific opportunity to let someone special or several people know that you love them. Creating special Easter love quotes for them will show them that you care and think about them even during the Easter holidays. The love romantic Easter messages you find on this website will help you design the perfect expression of your love for them. We here at wish you and your family a terrific Easter holiday!

Easter Love Quotes

  • Did you know that some-bunny really loves you? That some-bunny is me. Hope our Easter will be wonderful and as romantic as can be!

  • When it comes to giving out "special" treats you have definitely got the Easter Bunny beat! Happy Easter!

  • You know that I’m not always what I should be cracked up to be. You have seen me over easy and going around totally scrambled. You know eggs-actly what will soften me up and what will make my deviled side show through. Our love and life are eggs-eptional because of you. Happy Easter!

  • There are some really awesome things that come along with spring cozy rainy nights, huggable sun shiny days, and best of all, having someone to share it all with. Happy Easter!

  • Time has passed with us still loving each other. You are my soul mate and the most amazing lover. Happy Easter!

  • Easter candy’s got nothing on those yummy kisses that you give! SWEET! Happy Easter!

  • I love that I have been blessed with someone wonderful in my life. You are a gift from God that I appreciate and cherish. You are one of the best blessings He has ever given me. Happy Easter!

  • Easter is a time to celebrate beauty and all of the splendor that life has to offer. I’m doing that. I’m celebrating you and us. You mean the world to me, not just at Easter, but always. I love you!

  • You don’t want to know what’s running through my little mind right now. It would make you totally blush. Happy Easter!

  • You know that I love you. I know that you love me. Love is great! Happy Easter!

  • Distance is nothing when two hearts are knit together in love like ours. Happy Easter!

  • God leads and guides us and keeps us together in faith and in love. Happy Easter!

  • Happy Easter, Hubby! Every day that I can look into your eyes, I feel like I can see directly into your heart. I feel all warm inside and I am grateful for being able to share in the beauty of life and love with someone as wonderful as you.

  • I don’t just love you because you’re as sweet as jelly beans. I love you because you are someone who makes my whole life more colorful! Happy Easter!

  • I have found love and it’s as amazing as the most beautiful spring! Happy Easter!

  • I’m so glad that I have you for a Love Bug this Easter! Happy Easter!

  • If you were a jelly bean there is so much that I would do. Let’s just say it would involve a lot of nibbling. Happy Easter!

  • Lovey-Dovey, Cuddly-Poo It doesn’t matter what I call you because you know exactly what I mean! Happy Easter!

  • Loving you fills my heart like a fresh spring bouquet. It’s just wonderful! Happy Easter!

  • Nature provides everything that’s needed for the flowers and animals that live on the earth. So, too, have you provided our relationship with plenty of love, care, patience, and consideration everything that’s needed for us to keep it going forever. Happy Easter!

  • No bunny could you love you more than I do!! Happy Easter!

  • One of the best blessings that I’ve ever received was YOU! Happy Easter!

  • One of the easiest things that I’ve done in my life is loving you. It’s marvelous! Happy Easter!

  • Snuggling, cuddling, and lots of other things that make us two of the luckiest people on the earth! Happy Easter!

  • Spring has a smell of love. Happy Easter!

  • Things couldn’t be better than being in your arms. What a sweet life! Happy Easter!

  • Together we have what some only dream about a wonderful life filled with happiness, meaning, and love. Happy Easter!

  • We have cute locked down. Happy Easter To My Wuv Bunny!

  • You put the joy in "Joy-Us"! Happy Easter To My Love

  • You’re just cute all over and I REALLY mean that! Happy Easter With All My Love

  • Yummy, sweet, and one of life’s most special treats. Sounds like Easter candy but I’m sure you know what I really mean!

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