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Easter Quotes for Parents

You probably learned about Easter from your parents first and owe many of your thoughts and Easter traditions from their teachings. Creating loving Easter cards with special Easter quotes for parents will let them know they’re raising, or raised, a terrific and caring child. The Easter wishes for parents you will find on this website will help you design the perfect Easter card or Easter messages for parents. They will smile and feel good in their hearts about how you carry on their Easter traditions. We here at wish you and your family a terrific Easter holiday!

Easter Quotes for Parents

  • May your Easter be amazing and everyday that follows even better! Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • There are not enough Easter eggs to little Easter treats that I could give you to let you know how happy you have always made me. May your Easter be as awesome as the ones you’ve always given me! Happy Easter Mom!

  • May you have happiness in abundance, like a field of beautiful, new flowers at Easter and always. I love you, Dad! Happy Easter!

  • You cuddle me a lot and always give me a little bunny hug and kiss. That’s why I wanted to be sure that I told you this Happy Easter, Dad! I love you!

  • Two little words that say a whole lot "Happy Easter" to my favorite Mom and Pop!

  • You’re like the Easter Bunny and candy A perfect combination! Happy Easter!

  • The most important thing that I remember about Easter is how my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard whenever you made one of your famous Easter baskets for me. I love you, Mom! Happy Easter!

  • May your spring be filled with sun shiny days and cozy nights. Happy Easter!

  • I have some good news and some bad news, Dad. The good news, the Easter Bunny is excited about the hunting games this Easter. The bad news He’s excited because he has some things hidden that you will find very useful your cellphone, your remote, and your wallet! Go get, ’em, Dad!

  • Whenever I have Easter on my mind, I know that a lovely thought of you will be soon to follow! Mom, you have always been beautiful and I am hoping that your Easter is as wonderful as ever! Happy Easter With Love!

  • I can’t go back in time. I sure wish that I could because I would hold on to all of those delicious and heart-felt Easter baskets that you gave me when I was young. Thank you for beautiful memories and, above all else, for your love. Happy Easter, Mom!

  • May you have a blessed Easter that is sprinkled with God’s goodness! Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • Spending Easter with parents like you is what makes life wonderful. I’m so grateful that I have such loving parents who I have great love and respect for, on Easter and everyday. I love you! Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • Just like Spring, being your child has made my life bright and happy! I could never tell you how much you are loved. Happy Easter!

  • Dad, here’s wishing you the "hoppiest" Easter that you can handle!

  • Easter Wishes For You Mom May you have eggs-actly what you want this Easter!

  • Easter is a time when we can embrace and share our faith. It’s a time for basking in God’s love and reflecting on all of the things that He has blessed us with. He’s blessed me with fantastic parents that gave me this wisdom, hope, and faith. Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • Easter is always happier because I have parents like you. Thank you for being who you are. Happy Easter!

  • Easter wouldn’t be Easter with happy thoughts of you, Dad! I love you!

  • Either the Easter Bunny is really lazy or he’s just happy playing jokes. That’s the only way that I can explain why he leaves such a mess behind everywhere that he goes! So happy that you taught ME better than that! Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • Family is everything. Parents like you have made sure that kids like me realize and understand that. Happy Easter!

  • From hidden eggs to dye stained fingers, there is so much about Easter that I am happy to remember. You have made my Easters wonderful and full of delight and, more importantly, you’ve done your best to give me the most amazing life! Happy Easter, Mom and Dad!

  • Happy Easter To My Mom and Dad! Baskets, bunnies, and gobs of treats could never be as sweet as you have been to me!

  • Happy Easter To Our Awesome Mom and Dad! Spring makes us think of you and all the wonderful things that you do!

  • Happy Easter, Godmom! Hoping you have an Easter that radiates beauty and fills your day with love.

  • I hope we don’t get in trouble for this. *peep* You always said that you didn’t want to hear a peep. But we figured, maybe you would appreciate just a little one! Happy Easter!

  • I’m going to put in a request to the Easter Bunny this year that your basket be filled with even more goodies and cheer! Happy Easter, Mom!

  • If I could, I would give you a basket of happiness, a bundle of care, and a lifetime of love. Happy Easter To My Wonderful Parents!

  • It’s those quick, unplanned, full of love moments that gives life excitement. Thank you so much for those moments and so much more, Dad! Happy Easter With Love!

  • Just like the sun in Spring, my heart radiates with happiness when I think of how great you’ve always been. My life and my Easter would not be nearly as beautiful without you. Happy Easter, Mom!

  • The beauty of Spring cannot even begin to compare to the beauty of my mother! Happy Easter, Beautiful!

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