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Easter Quotes for Daughter

You wish everything that is good in the world for your daughter. At Easter, you give her the traditional chocolate Easter egg or bunny, jelly beans, and take her on Easter egg hunts. Add your special words of Easter’s magic to those terrific memories with a personalized Easter card using the Easter messages for daughter you find on this website. You can choose from the many Easter wishes for daughter or use them as inspiration to create your own Easter messages. Then she will have a long-lasting card or message plus the memories you’ve made. We here at wish you and your family a terrific Easter holiday!

Easter Quotes for Daughter

  • May your Easter be more than a day full of memories. May it be the start of a lifetime of cherished thoughts! Happy Easter To My Daughter and Her Family!

  • With a daughter like you that is as gorgeous as spring itself, I am one of the most blessed people that I know! Happy Easter, Daughter!

  • May you have an Easter that’s as uplifting as the most beautiful butterfly that flutters through the air with delight! Happy Easter To My Daughter and Son-in-Law!

  • May God’s peace surround you and may His love fill your hearts! Happy Easter To My Daughter and "Son"!

  • May your Easter be a day of surprise, fun, and sweet memories! Happy Easter To My Daughter and Her Family!

  • What you give to our life can never be quantified. It’s an awesomeness, an amazing love that we could never deny! Happy Easter To Our Daughter!

  • Just like the springtime flowers, you seem to grow more and more awesome! Happy Easter To My Daughter!

  • Easter wishes for a holiday that creates a memory mountain for you to enjoy always! Happy Easter To My Son and "Daughter"!

  • Easter wishes for an angelic day of beauty and blessings! Happy Easter, Daughter!

  • Happy Easter To My Daughter and "Son"! Blessings, warm wishes, and happiness, too that’s my hope this Easter..times two!

  • Happy Easter To My Daughter and "Son" Spring brings a refreshing, a renewal, and a chance to reflect. You are so important in our family and I hope that you enjoy all that this holy season has to offer!

  • Happy Easter To My Son and "Daughter"! You are both such a huge part of what makes my life wonderful!

  • Happy Easter, Daughter! May you have a smile-filled day!

  • Here are some basic steps for having the Perfect Easter Put on your Sunday’s best. Gobble up goodies. Work off the goodies by running after and trying to unearth funny colored eggs. Happy Easter, Daughter!

  • Hope your Easter is a hippity hopping day! Happy Easter, Daughter!

  • I wish you an Easter that’s glorious and full of joy! Happy Easter To My Daughter!

  • Let the great times roll! Happy Easter To My Daughter!

  • May you have an Easter that is gorgeous just like you! Happy Easter To My Daughter!

  • Spring is a time when everything blooms because of God’s love! Happy Easter To My Daughter!

  • We have shared some fabulous Easters and I know this one will be just as glorious because I have the pleasure of sharing it with two special people my daughter and her husband! Happy Easter To The Two Of You!

  • You are both in my heart and in my thoughts! Happy Easter To My Daughter and Son!

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