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Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Your daughter deserves only the best life can offer. Celebrating her birthday with family and friends makes her feel extra special. The birthday wishes for daughter you choose from the many birthday quotes for daughter on this website will help you create a unique and personalized birthday card for her. You will bring a smile to her face and heart and she will know how much you love and care for her.

Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • You are hardworking, talented and courageous. I am proud of your achievements and I know this is just the beginning for you. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • I wish you all the best things in life; strength, success, happiness and love. I am so proud of you that every morning I wake up, I think of the good deeds I may have done to deserve a daughter like you. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear daughter - on your birthday, we want to wish you a great life ahead. You can always count on us, no matter how old you go, you will always remain a little baby girl for us. Happy Birthday!

  • It is your birthday so according to the rules I should gift you something, but my gift would lose its charm before your gift to me. You give me a gift every moment you are around - the gift of happiness, smile and love. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • My love for you has grown with every breath you have taken ever since you were born. I am sure that this growth of love will keep increasing forever. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • The moment you were born to us, our life changed forever. We became stronger and happier. Wishing you the same happiness on your birthday that you have given us!

  • You are not just a daughter, but even a friend and a great supporter. You brighten our lives and make us feel like the happiest couple in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • You are beauty with brains and I don’t have to tell you where you got that from. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You grow sweeter every year-what’s the secret? Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You have turned out to be a charming young lady! I still remember the days when you would pee on my clothes. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • A daughter is a true blessing-I am glad God blessed me with a daughter like you. Happy Birthday!

  • I didn’t believe in the love at first sight, until I saw you and fell in love with you. I still remember you lying in the hospital bed and looking at me with questioning eyes - oh! How I fell in love with thee. My dear daughter, happy birthday to you!

  • In the room of my heart, there is a special corner adorned with love and hugs - that is where you dwell. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • Love you so much, dear daughter! Wishing you a wonderful birthday! You have made my life more beautiful and worth-living.

  • You are my pride; my joy and my friend. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • The best part of you growing up is that you have become a friend. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You are the perfect image of the ideal daughter that we had in our mind. Thanks for being so perfect! Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You have always made us proud - happy birthday, daughter!

  • You are adorable, irresistible and huggable. I am proud to have a daughter like you! Happy Birthday!

  • A daughter is a special person, who takes care of his parents and loves them always. We are proud to have a perfect daughter like you. Happy Birthday!

  • A special daughter like you deserves a special hug on her birthday. Love you and hugs!

  • Happy Birthday, daughter! You always say that you have grown up so we should allow you everything you want to do. So, we were wondering why don’t you treat us and pay the bill from your pocket? I am sure this will feel like a real grown up!

  • Happy Birthday, sweet daughter! May you have a daughter like ours!

  • How many candles would you have on your birthday this time? No matter how many, I have a reason to love for each candle on your birthday. Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

  • We will stay by you through every thick and thin. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • When we look at you, the image of your babyhood crops up in our mind and leaves us to wonder how fast time changes. No matter what, we will always be around for you. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • Wishing my sweet daughter a great birthday! You are the best thing that has happened to us. We still remember your baby face - the innocence and the angelic look. We are just so glad that you are my daughter. Happy Birthday!

  • You bring a BIG smile on my face. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You have made our house a home by being a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • You make me complete. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • Happy Birthday, dear daughter! I think no words can tell how very special you are, and how much you mean to me. I wish you all the best in life.

  • May your future shine like the candles on your birthday cake! Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • God has gifted me by sending an amazing daughter like you. Happy Birthday!

  • As the old adage goes, like mother, like daughter’, I have to say you have inherited all the good qualities from me. Happy Birthday!

  • From a little baby girl, you have turned into a young woman. We are proud of you! Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • It is a BIG day so we must celebrate, but a daughter like you is so special that everyday with her feels like a special day. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • There is nothing as sweet as your smile and as wonderful as your place in my heart. Happy Birthday, dear daughter!

  • You are a special daughter so you certainly deserve a special birthday. May every day of your life become beautiful and memorable! Happy Birthday!

  • A daughter like you is the most beautiful flower in the garden - it spreads its fragrance in all directions and is a source of pride for the garden. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • Every time you make an achievement, I love to say, That’s my daughter!’ Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best daughter!

  • Happy Birthday, daughter! Eat your cake, throw a party and dance like never before - after all, it is your birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, daughter! You are the gem of my heart-wish you get all that you ever wish for.

  • Happy Birthday, my doll! May you have a wonderful life!

  • Hope your birthday finds you happy, daughter!

  • Hope your birthday is as bright as the mornings and as beautiful as the night. Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!

  • I can dance on the moon for you. Happy Birthday, daughter!

  • I can’t imagine I am so lucky that you are my daughter. Happy Birthday, honey!

  • We are proud to have you as our daughter. Sending you great wishes on your birthday!

  • We couldn’t wish for a daughter more perfect than you. We are glad God sent to you for us. You make our lives shine brighter. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a perfect daughter, you rock! Happy Birthday!

  • You are a shooting star that fell on earth and took the form of my daughter. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a wonderful daughter - wishing you a great success in your life. May your birthday bring you many joys and smiles!

  • You are a wonderful daughter and a great friend. In a nutshell, you are a great deal with double pleasure in one pack. Happy Birthday!

  • You have always been a wonderful stepdaughter. Happy Birthday!

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