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Birthday Wishes for Husband

While some husbands may say that their birthday is just another day, they really enjoy getting a birthday card from their wives. The birthday wishes for husband that you will find on this website will help you create the perfect message for your Happy Birthday card to him. You will find special birthday quotes for husband that you can use to tell him how much means to you or as the means to give you ideas on how to create your own birthday messages for husband.

Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • When I met you, you were good. When I married you, you were better. Now, you are the best! You are like an old wine that just keeps getting better with time. The older, the better. Love you, hubby! Happy Birthday!

  • I may not have time to tell you how special you are for me, but today I want to say that without you my life is nothing. Happy Birthday, hubby!

  • My special wish for you on your birthday is that you may always smile and stay in my life forever. Happy Birthday!

  • You are not just my husband or my soul mate; you are even my best friend. Happy Birthday!

  • Wrapped in hugs and topped with kisses-here comes a birthday wish for my loving husband! Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Hubby! You have always been a great husband. I love you for everything that you have ever done for me.

  • My life is beautiful because I share it with you. Happy Birthday!

  • I love you for the way you look, talk, walk, eat, move, kiss me, hug me, and a thousand other reasons. Love you always, my birthday boy! Happy Birthday, hubby!

  • Your birthday is a hope for another beautiful year with you - full of love and smiles. Happy Birthday!

  • Not even for a single second could I imagine a life without you. Happy Birthday!

  • You haven’t lost your charm even after these long years-you still feel as special as you did before. Happy Birthday, Mr. amazing!

  • You are a cherry on the ice cream scoop, an icing on the birthday cake and a dessert after a hearty meal. Happy Birthday, hubby!

  • On your birthday, I need no cake-I just want to take a bite of you, since you are the sweetest thing in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks you for making my life so beautiful. Happy Birthday, my love!

  • You are the sweetest part of my life-you know I have zero resistance to sweet. Happy Birthday, sweet!

  • I am not alone, because I have the world with me. My world starts and ends with you, my loving hubby. Happy Birthday!

  • Love you, now and always. Twinkle twinkle little star, my husband is the best star! Happy Birthday!

  • I am glad God sent you down from the heavens to be my husband. No one could ever be as loving and adorable as you. Happy Birthday!

  • I am luck to have a husband like yourself, who is so sincere and adorable that he always meets up to the expectations of his loved ones. Happy Birthday!

  • I have you as my husband, what else could I have ever wished for? Happy Birthday!

  • I am glad I share my life with a wonderful person like you. Happy Birthday!

  • I always loved you and will always love you-I think I even loved you before I met you. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to my life partner!

  • Happy Birthday to my world!

  • I am lucky to have a husband like you. Happy Birthday!

  • I can count on you for everything. Thanks you! Happy Birthday!

  • I wanted to do something WILD on your birthday, but with our kids around, it would not be possible. Never mind- will do that on your 60th birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a perfect husband. Happy Birthday!

  • You are the hottest husband on this planet. Happy Birthday!

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