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Birthday Wishes for Mother

Mom has helped create many birthday parties for you over the years and truly deserves a terrific birthday card with loving words for her birthday. Your choice of phrases and birthday wishes for mother you can find on this website will help you create the perfect card with unique sayings. The birthday quotes for mother you choose will put a smile on her face and in her heart, making her remember all the fun birthdays from her past.

Birthday Wishes For Mother

  • Happy Birthday, mom! On your birthday, I wish you great joys and happiness - you really deserve it!

  • Happy Birthday, mother-in-law! Hope your birthday finds you smiling!

  • You are a graceful woman, full of wonders and beauty. Happy Birthday!

  • Have a great birthday! We wish we could give you a gift to match your beauty and elegance but I am afraid it is not possible, since you are matchless. Happy Birthday, mother!

  • When I was a kid, I would hug and kiss you quite often and thus show you my love. Today, I may love you more but I don’t show because when people grow up they keep their love in their hearts. On your birthday, I want you to know that my heart is over-brimmed with your love. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • You are the best mom in the world. You have done everything to make our lives beautiful. Wishing you a great day! Happy Birthday!

  • You can never guess how much I love you, mom. Happy Birthday!

  • We know mom, you had troubles raising naughty and difficult kids like us. We salute you for your patience and tolerance. Happy Birthday, dear mom!

  • A special prayer for you on your birthday - May you live long and may we never get apart. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • And the best mommy award goes to YOU! Happy Birthday, mom!

  • As today is your birthday, you deserve a celebration that is full of colors and beauty. Happy Birthday, dear mom!

  • Cake, candles, balloons, birthday songs, guests, birthday candies, gifts, and a lot more! Fun-filled celebration on your birthday! Thanks for being YOU. Happy Birthday, mum!

  • Do you know who the best mom in the world is? You! Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Happy Birthday to the backbone of our family - our sweet mom!

  • Happy Birthday, Mommy! Even though, life is busy now and there are loads of people in my life but your presence is always a great source of pleasure for me. I am incomplete with you, no matter how much I have grown up.

  • Happy Birthday, mom - a woman, who taught me the meaning of life! Love you, mother!

  • Happy Birthday, mom! It’s your birthday and I am waiting for a real motherly treat.

  • Happy Birthday, mom! You have taught me so many things, I thank you for it. Even though, I have taught you how to use the internet and how to change the settings of your cell phone, but that is just nothing!

  • Happy Birthday, mommy! Whenever I feel happy or whenever I cry - you are the first person to hit my mind. This is because I want to share all my joys with you and I want to cry over your shoulder when I am down - you are my anti-depressant!

  • Having you for a mom has made me the happiest person on earth. Happy Birthday!

  • Hugging you and shouting out loud, Happy Birthday, mommy!’

  • Hugs and kisses were invented for sweet mommies like you. Happy Birthday!

  • I am lucky to have a mommy, who loves, cares, understands and is sweet. Happy Birthday!

  • I can never pay back for the endless care and unconditional love that you have given me. But, I can try to make you happy and make your proud of being my mom. I will always love you and stay with you. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • I don’t know what I would ever do without you, mom. Seriously! Happy Birthday!

  • I have always admired you for your strength and patience. I wish I could be half as perfect as you. Love you, mom. Happy Birthday!

  • I have learned so many things from you, mom - from going to restroom to language, and from eating manners to walking gait-everything! Thanks so much, mom! Happy Birthday!

  • I hope I am a good daughter - and you should know it today that you are the best mom. Happy Birthday!

  • I hope to make you proud one day, you deserve it! Happy Birthday, mummy!

  • I know all mommies are good, but I still think you are a few points up them all. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • I know that I don’t very often tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me but as this is your special day, I like to say that you make my world complete. Love you, mom! Happy Birthday!

  • I love you, mom. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish I was a poet to write a poem for you and tell you how much I love you. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • If I had the power to create flowers, I would create a billion on your birthday and shower them on you as a gesture of my love for you. Love you, mom! Happy Birthday!

  • Lit the candles, cut the cake and sing the birthday songs. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • MOM’ is the first word I learned to utter and you are the first person I ever fell in love with, mom. Happy Birthday!

  • May the coming year be full of joys for you! Happy birthday, mom!

  • May your birthday be perfect! Happy Birthday, mom! Happy returns of the day!

  • Mom - on your birthday, treat yourself like a queen - you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

  • Mom - you are the best thing ever happened to me, or maybe I should say I am the best thing ever happened to you. Anyways, I thank God for choosing you to be my mom. Happy Birthday!

  • Mom, I wish I could send you a treasure box full of jewels and diamonds but instead I am sending you this card that treasures our love. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Mom, just have fun on your birthday. Let me do the dishes today. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Mom, may your birthday be beautiful and warm! You have taught us everything that we know today. Thanks! Happy Birthday!

  • Mom, you are a God-gifted person. I am glad God sent you down for me. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • Mom, you have always been with me through thick and thin. This proves you are the best mom in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • Mom, you have been a constant source of inspiration for us. Happy Birthday!

  • Mom, your presence in my life makes my life special and beautiful. You are wonderful and amazing. Happy Birthday!

  • My dear mom, with each and every day my love and respect for you deepens. Thanks for being such a great mother. Happy Birthday!

  • My dear mum, you are very yum! Happy Birthday!

  • My heart is full of love for you, my mind full of your thoughts and my body has your blood running in its veins. You are a part of me, mom. I love you! Happy Birthday!

  • No wonder I am beautiful and intelligent - after all, I am your daughter so I have your qualities. Happy Birthday, mom!

  • On your birthday, I have only one thing to tell you and that is that I cannot be without you. Happy Birthday, mother!

  • On your birthday, I want to send you as much love as you have ever given me. Though, I am not sure if I can send all that back at once-it’s so much, you know! Happy Birthday, mom!

  • People call me hot and beautiful - I know this has come down to me from you. Thanks, mommy for making me what I am today! Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks for being my mom. Happy Birthday!

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