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Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Friends are awesome! True friends are always there for you no matter the situation, the time of day, or what they’re doing at the moment. Celebrating their birthday with them, whether near or far, requires special crafted words. The birthday wishes for friends you will find on this website will help you create the perfect message. You will find many birthday quotes for friends to use in your unique birthday card to them. They will smile and feel the warmth of love you have for them.

Birthday Wishes For A Friend

  • Your friendship means a lot to me. You have been a great support in every down moment of my life. I cherish our friendship and I would do anything to make sure it remains this way for good. Happy Birthday!

  • Our friendship is stronger than Spiderman’s web and Superman’s flight. Happy Birthday!

  • We are growing old, and so is our friendship. Let’s celebrate your birthday as a tribute to our friendship!

  • I cherish each and every moment of our friendship. Your friendship is a treasure for me - the days we have spent together are diamonds and the laughter and secrets that we have shared are gold jewels. Happy Birthday, my treasure box!

  • Wishing you a superb birthday, full of fun and happiness!

  • You are a God gifted person with amazing talents and great ability to make people happy. I am luck to be your friend. Happy Birthday!

  • You are sweeter than ice cream, more interesting that the TV shows, and absolutely better than any other friend that I have. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a special person, who brings sunshine into my world. You add charm to my life just by being YOU. I wish you a great birthday!

  • On your birthday, I am thinking of all the good times we have shared together. I wish to share many more ahead. Happy Birthday!

  • Someone asked me what friendship is, and I narrated them the story about you and I, and our friendship. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a part of me-I always find you around in good and bad times. Happy Birthday!

  • If friendship is a garden, you are the flowers and I am the butterflies-I hope my philosophical birthday wish makes sense. Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, I wish you a day that is as bright as the sun; as warm as the June afternoon; as frosty as the winter night; and as beautiful as the rosebuds. Happy Birthday!

  • You are a great friend. I feel glad that I was born to be your friend. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you a very happy birthday. You have always been very sweet and kind. You are a push when I stop, sunshine when my life darkens, a rainbow when colors fade out of my life, and a dear friend who is always available to listen to me. Happy Birthday, buddy!

  • My dear friend you are amazing, wonderful, beautiful, talented and intelligent. It’s an honor to be your friend. Happy Birthday!

  • A true friend is someone who stands beside you through every thick and thin-I am lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday!

  • Don’t worry about the age on your birthday. You are like an old wine-the older, the tastier. Happy Birthday!

  • Here is wishing you a birthday as amazing as you are! Your birthday marks the beginning on another year of sharing laughter and tear; happiness and joys; friendship that is out of this world; and you and me!

  • It is not just a birthday card, but a way to show you my feelings for you. Happy Birthday, dear friend!

  • Wishing you a happy year and a happy day! You are my best friend.

  • You are a friend forever. Happy Birthday!

  • You bring flavor into my life-without your sweet talk, your salty laughter, and your spicy presence, my life would be tasteless. Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday reminds me of the first time when we met; the way we began being friend; and the way we got so close to each other. I am glad I have you as my best friend. Happy Birthday!

  • A special birthday wish for you-happy birthday!

  • And for award for best friend goes to-You!!! Keep it as your birthday gift. Happy Birthday!

  • Birthday party? Let me be your birthday party singer-you know how well I can sing. Happy Birthday!

  • Everything changes - the seasons, the politicians, the football players, the ice cream and pizza flavors, and absolutely everything - but YOU and OUR Friendship has always remained constant and unaltered. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to a friend so sweet and kind!

  • Happy Birthday to a stylish and beautiful friend! Stay happy!

  • Happy Birthday to my close-bosom friend! I am rich because I have a million dollar friend like you in my life.

  • Happy Birthday! Today is a luck day for me, since God sent down an angel friend down from heavens above for me on this very day.

  • Happy Birthday, my very talented and charming buddy!

  • Happy Birthday, you sweetest thing!

  • Happy birthday to my special friend! Have fun!

  • Have a birthday that is happy and joyous! Be a friend who is true and honest! Have fun!

  • Have a blast on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • Have a great birthday! Today, I will pamper you, since it is your special day-!

  • Have the best birthday ever! Sending a truck full of love your way!

  • Here comes a birthday note for you. It is a perfect time to tell you how much I cherish our friendship. Happy Birthday, friend!

  • I am blessed for being your friend. Have a great birthday!

  • I am lucky to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, friend!

  • I am the luckiest person in the world because you chose me to be your best friend. Happy Birthday!

  • I believe in you more than I believe in myself. Happy Birthday!

  • I can count on your for everything - this shows how special you are for me. Happy Birthday!

  • I can never forget the beautiful time we have spent together - even if the UFO force take me away to Mars, I will still remember you. Happy Birthday!

  • I have many people in my life, but you are and you will remain one of the most special ones, forever. Happy Birthday!

  • I have three best friends - YOU YOU YOU. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish to be your friendship even after I die-telling you in advance so that my ghost doesn’t scare you off. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish to give you a thousand birthday bumps today. Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you great success and joys. Happy Birthday!

  • If God asks me what I would want back from my old life, if ever I am reincarnated - I would definitely ask him to make you my friend even in the next life. Happy Birthday!

  • If this world is a coffee cup, you are sugar and I am cream. We both add taste to our little world. Long live our friendship! Happy Birthday!

  • If you want to see what a true friend’ looks like, look at yourself in the mirror. Happy birthday!

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