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Birthday Wishes for Son

Your son makes you proud and to have him grow up valuing your advice and wisdom has made him a terrific person. Making sure his birthday is memorable requires a specially worded birthday card. Your choice of birthday wishes for son from this website will help you select the right birthday message. The many birthday quotes for son you use will be sure to make him smile and feel your love in his heart.

Birthday Wishes For Son

  • The feeling of being a parent to an amazing son like you is out of this world. I thank you for blessing me with this special feeling. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You have grown up to be a young man from a little boy. Today, when I see you, I see all my wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Son, today we celebrate the day when you brought happiness into our family. Like it is said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, I believe that the event of your birth has been a source of eternal joy for us. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Your birthday means a lot to me. It was the day when I transformed from being an ordinary man to being a FATHER to a perfect SON. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You have grown up to be a responsible and caring man. I am glad you are everything I ever wanted for a son! Happy Birthday, son!

  • You were born to bring smiles on our faces and love into our lives. Thanks for being so sweet! Happy Birthday, son!

  • Improvement in perfection is not possible so I wouldn’t ask you to improve yourself. However, I wish you consistency in perfection. You make me so proud. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Today is the best day of my life - because you were born to us. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are more than just a son - you are a friend! Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are the best flower in the garden of our family. May you always bloom! Happy Birthday, son!

  • Have an adventurous birthday. I still remember the things I would do to make your birthdays fun. I may not do it anymore but I hope that your birthdays are even better than they were in your childhood. Happy Birthday, son!

  • I may have taught you everything from walking to talking, from math sums to English essay writings but there is one thing you have also taught me. Any guesses? You have taught me to be a father to a wonderful son. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Today, we celebrate YOU! Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are the most important person in my life. That’s why, you hold the most important position in my heart. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Your birth has been the most influential turn in my life. It taught me what is it to be a dad, and I am glad it did. Happy Birthday, son!

  • All the respect and love you give me shall turn back to you at the time you are a father. This will help you feel the joy you have given me. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Another beautiful year is waiting for you - Happy Birthday, son!

  • At this age, you may find many more friends, but don’t you ever forget me. I am your friend and of course you dad. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Blow the candles and make a wish in my ear - I shall grant all your wishes. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Candles, Cake, Presents and Songs - a birthday is incomplete is any of that is missing. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Close your eyes and make a wish-May God fulfill all your wishes! Happy Birthday, son!

  • Happy Birthday, son! Thanks for being a caring and loving son.

  • Happy Birthday, son! You are a perfect son material.

  • Happy Birthday, son! You are talented and smart - I am sure where do you get that from!

  • I send you this birthday card to show you my love for you. Happy Birthday, son!

  • It’s great to be your parent. Happy Birthday, son!

  • Let’s dance to the tunes of family songs today. Happy Birthday, son!

  • May life hold great blessings for you! Happy Birthday, son!

  • May the whole year be full of happiness for you! Happy Birthday, son!

  • Things have changed, ever since your birth. My life looks more beautiful than ever. Happy Birthday, son!

  • When it comes to luck - I have been very lucky to have a son like you. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are a wonderful son - Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are deeply valued - love you always. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are loved, more than you could imagine. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are out of this world - just fantastic! Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are the best son in the world. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You are the kind of son people crave for. I am lucky to have you as my son. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You have brought us pride. Thanks for being a wonderful son. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You have made my life beautiful. Happy Birthday, son!

  • You have taught me what pure joy is-especially, when we sit together and share our life experiences. Happy Birthday, son!

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