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Valentine Quotes for Son

Sons may not outwardly expect a Valentine’s Day card. But secretly they truly appreciate the Valentine messages for son you include in your Valentine’s Day card to him. The Valentine quotes for son give him your love and make him feel special on a day he may say is only for girls. As his parent, you know that your son will always love you and Valentine’s Day is just one way to show him how extra special he is to you. On Valentine’s Day, show him how much you care and love him with a special Valentine’s Day message.

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Valentine Quotes for Son

  • You’re in my heart and on my mind, Son! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You are always loved no matter how far we are away from you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Some of my most wonderful thoughts are of you. You are a beautiful part of my life! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Every one of you brings lots of love and happiness to our lives! Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Son and His Family!

  • A special delivery is coming your way and it’s going to make this an extra special Valentine’s Day!

  • Everything has its place and I have to be honest .heart shaped stuff is really much more reasonable for Valentine’s Day than say, Halloween! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Giving you a big kiss in front of your friends. Squishing your cheeks while at the store. Giving you a big bear hug every time I see you. That’s the type of stuff that being a parent is all about. It’s my job and I promise to do it to the best of my ability! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day To A Phenomenal Son! Hope you enjoy a trailer full of fun and happiness today!

  • Hope you have a high-flying great Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • I could say that you’re one of the most awesome people that I know, Son. I could also say this because you’re exactly like me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I must admit you would be a shoe-in for the Best Son Award. Of course, you would also be a shoe-in for the Most Junky Son Award! Hey, a winner is a winner, right?! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • I want things "just so" for you this Valentine’s Day, Son! So, expect plenty of awesome, wonderful, and terrific things to happen! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If we had our pick, the two of you would be at the top of our list! Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Son and Daughter!

  • In case you had any doubts, I wanted to ensure you that you are TOTALLY LOVED! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Individually, you are special. Together, you are absolutely marvelous! Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Wonderful Son and "Daughter"!

  • Life is greater, more enjoyable, and full of surprises because of you! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • May you have a wang-dang-doodle good time on Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • May you have the smile of your life! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • May your day radiate with love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Our love for you will forever follow you and you will always be in our hearts and minds! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Sending you tons of love on Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Son, did you ever think of what having you in our lives means to us? It means so much more than you will ever know! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • The odds of me getting a better son than the one I have, 0 in infinity In other words, it could never happen! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • There is one thing to watch out for with your Valentine’s Day candy. Any robot that takes pride in having a lot of bytes!

  • We are so full of pride because of all that you have done to be a better person. You make us happy as your parents, and we love you dearly! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • We have been given such an amazing gift and that is you. You are a special part of what makes us a family. May your Valentine’s Day be marvelous just like you! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • We have been so blessed to have you in our lives. One of the greatest blessings is that God made you our son! Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • We’ll never be able to tell you all that you mean to us. We can only do our best to show you that we love you, that we’re proud of you, and that you are a huge part of our world. Happy Valentine’s Day, Son!

  • Wishing our son a super, fantastic Love-You-Much Day!

  • You are so fantastic, Son! Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s just as fantastic!

  • Yup you’re fantastic! Happy Valentine’s Day To Our Son!

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