Valentine Quotes from Secret Pal

Receiving Valentine messages from secret pal or a secret admirer brings an air of mystery to Valentine’s Day. Choosing the right words will make the person (or people) you send your secret Valentine’s Day card to feel excited and wonder who you could be. Eventually, you will hopefully have the possibility to send them a signed Valentine’s Day greeting. But, keeping the mystery alive for a while can help love grow and blossom into a terrific friendship and, potentially, the love of your lives. Then, you will have a great story to tell your friends.

  • A Secret Valentine has come your way. I’m pretty sure you don’t have a clue as to who sent this today! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • As secret friends may go, you’re the one that I want to get to know. Hope you will want to know me, too, and though I’m sure you can’t guess who! Happy Valentine’s Day From Your Secret Friend

  • Can you figure it out? I want to be your Valentine. Who am I?

  • Guessing is so much fun. I hope that you agree. That’s why you have to guess the wish-sender that’s me. Happy Valentine’s Day From Your Secret Pal!

  • I have you on my mind this Valentine’s Day. Can you guess who I am? You’ll have to because I refuse to say!

  • I think you’re wonderful. Of course, you don’t know exactly who this is coming from, but just know that someone out there feels this way about you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • On my mind this special day is where you seem to be. You mean more to me than I show, and you’d be the perfect Valentine for me! Guess Who! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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