Thanksgiving Quotes from Secret Pal

Thanksgiving Day gives you a time to give thanks for all the special people in your life. You may have someone you secretly think about and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving with a special card using the Thanksgiving messages from secret pal on this site will help you express yourself secretly. The Thanksgiving quotes from secret pal can make your special someone smile, feel giddy, and wonder who might be their mysterious secret pal. Look through the messages from this site and send them a Happy Thanksgiving card today.

  • If I told you who I am it would take all of the fun out of this mysterious Thanksgiving wish! Happy Thanksgiving from Your Secret Pal!

  • It’s a great big secret and I’m a part of it, too. It’s full of holiday wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving just for you!

  • It’s easy to like someone like you. Happy Thanksgiving from You Don’t Know Who!

  • You’re wonderful! One day, I’m going to smile and tell you so Until then Happy Thanksgiving From Your Secret Pal!

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