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Thanksgiving Quotes for Kids

Running and playing with cousins and friends, smelling the turkey roasting, and wondering what dessert will be; these are some of the joys of Thanksgiving for children. Giving them a Happy Thanksgiving card with Thanksgiving messages for kids will create a set of keepsakes for them when they get older and have children of their own. Including some fun Thanksgiving quotes for kids makes the card extra special for them and builds the spirit of Thanksgiving inside them. Look through the messages from this site and send them a Happy Thanksgiving card today.

Thanksgiving Quotes for Kids

  • We are all so blessed to have someone like you to love in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving To Our Special Blessing!

  • Burping any other time would be considered a bit rude, Grandson But on Thanksgiving it’s TRADITION! BURP!!

  • May you have a gobble-gobble good Turkey Day!

  • As Turkey Day goes, I hope this one is especially awesome!

  • Counting your blessings might be a bit of a chore this holiday because you are incredibly blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Even turkeys know how gobbling good and super sweet you are! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • God has blessed us with a grandson like you. We give thanks on Thanksgiving and every other day of the year too! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandson!

  • Happy 1st Thanksgiving, Baby! May you day be filled with huggies and yummies!

  • Happy First Turkey Day to our little gobbler!

  • Happy Thanksgiving To The Most Special Little Girl that I know! Enjoy your Turkey Day!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Grandson! You deserve a Turkey Day that’s full of food and fun! Have an awesome time!

  • Happy Turkey Day, Great-Granddaughter! Let’s get ready to make it totally awesome!

  • Here’s a funky Thanksgiving cheer just for you, Granddaughter! You’ve got TURKEY! Oh, yeah! You’ve got TURKEY! Oh, yeah! You’ve got T-U-R-K-E-Y!

  • Hope you drum up plenty of fun this Thanksgiving, Grandson!

  • Hope your 1st Thanksgiving is a turkey tasting, lip smacking, baby babbling good one! Happy Turkey Day, Baby!

  • I am bound to thank God for you, Grandson. You are one of His most wonderful blessings and I really appreciate that!

  • I am hoping that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and I plan to give you a huge hug when I see you! Happy Thanksgiving, Granddaughter!

  • I could tell you all day how much you mean to me, but then, we would both miss this great opportunity to eat like there’s no tomorrow!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you much!

  • I have an amazing blessing to be thankful for. In case you are wondering it’s sweet, wonderful you! Happy Thanksgiving, Granddaughter!

  • I have more than turkey to give you this Thanksgiving. I have a whole cornucopia of hugs and kisses for you, Granddaughter!

  • I wish I may, I wish I might, wish you a Thanksgiving that’s a delicious delight!

  • It’s all about the eats and sweets for the Thanksgiving feast! Hope you get yours in this holiday season!

  • It’s your very first Turkey Day and I hope that it’s as much of a blessing to you as you are to me! Happy 1st Thanksgiving!

  • Kids like you make Thanksgiving Day even more happy than the turkey!

  • May you have a Thanksgiving that’s as fantastic as you!

  • May your Thanksgiving be a whopper of a day! Eat up and enjoy!

  • May your Thanksgiving be simply scrumptious!

  • May your Thanksgiving be the cat’s meow, Goddaughter!

  • May your Thanksgiving give the turkeys a run for their money! Hope it’s super fun!! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandson!

  • Plymouth Rock may have been more than just a place to land a ship. It may have been the coolest music around too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Seconds aren’t made just for clocks. They actually originated on Thanksgiving!!

  • Some of the best things about Thanksgiving are all of the hugs, kisses, and smiles that I will get from you! Happy Thanksgiving, Granddaughter!

  • Squirrels are always so busy. That’s why I figured this one would make a great card deliverer! Kind of NUTS to use a squirrel for that, huh Grandson? Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thanksgiving is not just about eating all day long. It’s about having gobs of fun while you do it!! Happy Thanksgiving To You!

  • Turkey Day always features someone extra special this year, it’s TOM! Hope his performance is delish!

  • Turkeys and pigs just can’t get along. They’re always campaigning against each other to keep from being picked for Thanksgiving Dinner! Hope your Thanksgiving Day is awesome!

  • Unlike that other slice of pie, I never run out of room for your hugs! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandson!

  • Wish we could just go and run through the leaves like we have nothing better to do Hey, it’s Thanksgiving! After all the food, we might need the exercise!!

  • You are always in my heart especially at Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!

  • You may need these to really complete your Thanksgiving day a big hug and kiss from someone that loves you more than you know!

  • You should know that I am grateful for having you in my life on Thanksgiving and everyday!

  • You’re a wonderful grandson and I want to wish you an outstanding Thanksgiving! Eat up!!

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