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Valentine Quotes for Kids

Valentine messages for kids helps make this day extra memorable especially when they read their cards and blush, giggle, or get excited that someone cared enough to give them a card. Valentine quotes for kids help them better understand what Valentine’s Day is all about. The cards they make for their school friends contain precious messages and the verses you find in this category will help you find the right messages for them. You may even find the right verse for you to send a card to them yourself.

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Valentine Quotes for Kids

  • You and me we’re a part of this family. You are just as wonderful as can be. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  • Life can be a zoo and it can be full of fun. Here’s wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s a super amazing one!

  • Kisses are a must and hugs are, too. Happy 1st Valentine’s Day, Baby. We really LOVE YOU!

  • To a kid who is yummier than a bag of candy .Happy Valentine’s Day

  • You’re a kid after my own heart totally sweet and completely unique! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Sweet little smiles and lots of cozy hugs that’s what I’m sending to you on Valentine’s Day, my little love bug!

  • Valentine’s wishes for an awesome Valentine’s Day full of happiness and hugs!

  • Here is the latest trending game: Be nice, have fun, and give hugs! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Wishing you a sweet Valentine’s Day!

  • A fantastic boy like you deserves a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

  • Cupid is right down the road and there is something he wants you to know- Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Cuz, You’re cool and fun just like Valentine’s day! Have a good one!

  • Doggies are sweeties and kiddies are, too. That’s why we’re wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  • Don’t mistake this tiger’s growl for something that’s not good. It’s the way that a tiger says, "Happy Valentine’s Day"! So, he happily growled as loud as he could!

  • For a Spectacular Girl, May your happiest thoughts come to pass Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

  • For this first Valentine’s Day, here’s a sweet little smile. It’s a little gift of love for a wonderful child! Happy 1st Valentine’s Day!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day For the coolest kid ever!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day and plenty of fun, too! That’s the wish that I’m making just for you!

  • Have a good, cool, fun, super, terrific, fantastic, and perfect Valentine’s Day!

  • Here’s a special Valentine’s wish someone kind, peaceful and perfect. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Here’s wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s a super wild ride!

  • Hey, Cool Girl! Wishing you a wild flying day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Hope you catch Valentine’s Day fever! Have an awesome day!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is beyond awesome and that you get plenty of time to chill-lax and have fun! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is like the biggest, most wonderful hug that you’ve ever received warm, sweet, and full of love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy Valentine’s Day!

  • I could sum up who you are in two words AWESOME KID! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I love you more than all of the love in the universe. That’s a lot, right?! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I’m sending you wish after wish, and kiss after kiss, for a special Valentine’s Day!

  • I’m so lucky and you’re lucky, too. Friends forever, just us two! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If I had to describe you to someone else, I know exactly what I would say ."This is one of the greatest kids that I’ve ever known!" Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Imagine if homework was never, ever assigned. Life would be like some kind of science fiction movie, wouldn’t it!? That would be so COOOOOL!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • In the city, in the country, or even out on the range, you’re a great kid and we hope that you always remain the same! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Kid-sized hugs I’m sending to you for a Valentine’s Day that’s super special, too!

  • May fairy dust, sweet dreams, and happy thoughts fill your Valentine’s Day!

  • May you have a Valentine’s Day that’s full of lots of gummies and other delicious yummies!

  • No matter how you spend your day, I hope that’s it’s one that makes you say, "HOORAY!!" Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

  • Puppy kisses and snuggle hugs for a baby girl like you sweet little dreams and all wonderful things, that’s we’re wishing, too! Happy 1st Valentine’s Day!

  • The first time is always one to remember. We will remember this Valentine’s Day because it was the first that we got to share with you! Happy 1st Valentine’s Day, Little One!

  • To my marvelous buddy Have an extraordinarily fun Valentine’s Day!!!!!

  • Today is a super day no matter how big or small you are! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • What’s up, Valentine? You’re the best and better than the rest!

  • Who wants to just do nothing on a great day like today? Whoever it is, leave them alone and celebrate today ANYWAY! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s un-bear-ably wonderful!

  • You are loved and we will show you just how much on this, your first Valentine’s Day, and everyone hereafter! It’s our promise and gift to you! Happy 1st Valentine’s Day, Baby!

  • You’re the most marvelous kid out there, and I totally BEE-lieve that!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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