Valentine Quotes for Sister

Sisters can be loving, kind, and a royal pain to you sometimes. But, the Valentine messages for sister that you send her in the Valentine’s Day card you make for her will let her know that no matter what, you will always love her. The special Valentine quotes for sister you express will make her smile, possibly giggle, and maybe bring a tear of joy to her eyes. Through thick and thin, you have and always will be there for each other. You are family and the loving bond of family remains with us throughout our lives.

  • May your Valentine’s day be filled with love, sweetness, and all of the things that make your life wonderful! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Sister and Brother-in-Law!

  • In all of our moments we are sisters, through and through. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re a cool sister. You have always been. You are so much more than just family. You’re also my best friend! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • We are definitely sisters. I’m the wonderful one and you’re the other one. See, life is good! Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Life is awesome because I have you for a sister! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I would vote for you if you were running for Best Sister. In my eyes, you’re tops! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If you weren’t my sister, who in the world would be my best friend??? I don’t even want to know. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I have two awesome people in my life my sister and her husband. I’m one lucky person! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re on my mind and in my heart, and you have always been so sweet. May your Valentine’s be just like you, and may you get plenty of yummy treats! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’ve always trusted me and I’ve always been less than trustworthy when it came to your stuff, but for some reason, you never thought so. What are you blind or something??? Happy Valentine’s Day, Sis!

  • I don’t say it much but, you’re cool, Sis. There you happy now?? Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I got super lucky when I got you for a sister. Happy Valentine’s Day From The Lucky One!

  • I never had to worry about having someone to share my life with because you have always been there. Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If they would have given me a choice, I would, most likely, have still chosen you to be my sister. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Life has always brought us plenty of "I’m telling’ mom!", "You’re a booger!", "Poof! Be gone!" type of moments. Isn’t that what being sisters is about?? Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May sweetness about for you this Valentine’s Day! Hope it’s a happy one!

  • My heart is full of comfort and love because of you! Thanks for being such a wonderful sister! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Wishing you an amazing and super sweet Valentine’s Day!

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