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Valentine Quotes for Godchild

Valentine’s Day represents the celebrated day of love. Sending Valentine messages for godchild to your godchildren will help them understand that love goes far beyond the school child crushes, the romantic love between partners, or the love shown by parents. Your Valentine quotes for godchild will give them a greater sense of what Valentine’s Day truly means – that we should all love one another and you’re your godchildren are loved. Sending them a Valentine’s Day card will make them smile, perhaps giggle a bit, and remember that you care for them.

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Valentine Quotes for Godchild

  • A godson like you can make life happy everyday. A godson like you would make any godparent want to say, "Wishing you an awesome Valentine’s Day"!

  • Couldn’t say it any other way Have an AWESOME Valentine’s Day!

  • God has blessed me with you, Godchild! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Here’s a whole lot of love just for you. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that brims with even more sweet happiness, too!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is one scoop of happiness after the next!

  • I really can’t name ONE thing that’s wonderful about having you for a godchild. It’s hard when a GAZILLION wonderful things about you keep popping into my head! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I hope your Valentine’s Day will BEE super fine!

  • Loving you is a "no-brainer". You’re extremely easy to love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • May your Valentine’s Day be fabulous from beginning to end!

  • We got a great blessing when you were born. It’s one that all of us are extremely thankful for! Happy Valentine’s Day, Godchild!

  • Whether you are wishing for chocolate or gum, being as sweet as you are, your favorites are sure to come! Happy Valentine’s Day, Goddaughter!

  • You always let your light shine like the sun! Happy Valentine’s Day, Godchild!

  • You bring gobs of love and a little piece of Heaven to my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You can expect an awesome day because I’m wishing that it will be like you in every way! Happy Valentine’s Day, Godchild!

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