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Valentine Messages from Woman to Woman

Although hard to believe, Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. It’s for friends and family to fully express their love to each other. Woman to woman Valentine messages do just that. You might wish to send an expression of loving friendship dipped in chocolate or with a bottle of champagne to celebrate together this day of love. While some may consider Valentine’s Day ridiculous, the expression of love among friends, lovers, and family remains real. And you creating woman to woman Valentine messages offers that possibility to your friends nicely.

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Valentine Messages from Woman to Woman

  • If finding the perfect mate were that easy, wouldn’t we all have done it by now?? Yes, I’m still waiting for your answer . Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • If life is a circus, then I must be the ringleader because everybody around me seems like a bunch of animals and clowns! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Never believe that he is dying to see that sappy love story that you want to see or that he can’t wait to eat at the sweet little bistro in town. No man is that perfect! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • On the Ferris wheel of life, you will have ups and downs. Hope your Valentine’s Day leaves you stuck at the top where life is peaceful and amazing! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • There is so much that I could do to make this day wonderful for you, and none of them require you doing anything for me or having to put up with my ridiculous habits! Now, that’s the way to spend Valentine’s Day!

  • Things are not always what they seem. Unfortunately, sometimes, we learn this the hard way. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Valentine’s Day is for lovers. So what! Why can’t it just be for anybody that loves chocolate? There are always rules and attachments to stuff. Happy Ridiculous Valentine’s Day!

  • What’s the deal with manholes? They never have any decent men in them! No wonder we all complain when they’re not hidden out of sight with those covers, because then all the creeps can get out too easily. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Who ever said that the box had to be big? If the chocolate inside is garbage, who in the world would want a gigantoid box of it?? Here’s wishing you a box of chocolates that knock your socks off! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You know that you’ve found love when a guy is willing to forgo the chili just to spend a quiet night with his sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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