Valentine Quotes for Grandmother

Making Valentines messages for grandmother gives her a warm feeling inside and smiles to light up her face on Valentine’s Day. She has been a huge part of your life taking care of you, baking the most delicious cookies for you, and giving you the best hugs. The Valentines quotes for grandmother in the Valentine’s Day card you send her, give her the ability to brag about you with her friends. You are special to her but taking the time to create a personalized Valentine’s Day card for her makes you extra-special in her mind.

  • No one has a grandmother as great as mine. You’re so amazing I’m super happy that you’re my Valentine!

  • Wishing you a Valentine’s Day that’s wonderful from start to finish! Have a great day, Grandma!

  • Best Grandma Ever! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • For My Special Grandmom, you’re Valentine’s I’ll be. But, only if you promise to be the same for me! With Love From Your Granddaughter!

  • For Valentine’s Day, I’m sending you hugs, kisses, and wishes you’ll like. You’re the world’s most awesome grandmother and I hope that Valentine’s Day is full of delight!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma! May you have a gorgeous day!

  • Here’s a Valentine’s Day greeting just for you Nana! It’s full of hugs, kisses, but not one banana!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day is all about you and everything that makes you happy, Grandma!

  • Hope your Valentine’s Day makes you super happy, Grandma!

  • I couldn’t imagine having anybody else for a grandmom. You’re just so absolutely perfect at it! Happy Valentine’s Day With Love From Your Granddaughter!

  • I get my smarts from you, Grandma. You’re as bright as they come. Being your granddaughter is very cool and so much fun! Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma!

  • I have the greatest grandmom of all! Lucky, Lucky me! Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandmom!

  • I love a lot of things about you .way to many to count! Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma!

  • I love you in the morning and I love you late at night. Grandmother, I hope that you have a Happy Valentine’s!

  • If baked goods are any indication of how much you really care. Then, I know you loves me bunches because, Grandma, you are always there! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Just wanted to send you a little Valentine’s Day, "Hi". You’re a wonderful nana and I’m glad you’re mine!

  • One day, I’m going to give you all that you deserve. You’re a wonderful and loving grandmother and I never want you to think that I take that granted. Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma!

  • Smart, funny, loving, and kind. You’re a perfect grandma and an even more perfect Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day With Love!

  • Sweeter than sweet Kinder than kind. I’m so glad that you’re a grandmother of mine! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Valentine’s Day wishes, is what I’m sending your way. I love you bunches, Grandmom, today and always!

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