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Valentine's Day Quotes for Wife

Sending Valentine's Day messages for wife is something every husband must remember to do on Valentine’s Day. Buying a card may seem easy, but creating a card with personalized Valentine's Day quotes for wife will mean more to her than anything you could buy at a store. Your specially created Valentines messages for her will make her proud to be married to you and she will remember your loving thoughts her whole life. You may even have a special dinner with candles and your favorite dessert waiting for you.

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Valentine Quotes for Wife

  • A life with someone like you is what I’ve always dreamed about and always hoped for You’ve made that come true for me and I love you more than you know! Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart! I love you for so many reasons some I can say and some that I can only feel!

  • I never have to worry about where I’ll be in years to come because no matter where we are in life, my heart will always be with you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • You’re more than a woman to me you’re my everything! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wonderful Wife!

  • I have really gotten one of the most wonderful treasures that life has to offer someone perfect that I can love, and that loves me back! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • I saw more in you than you may think. I saw confidence, strength, principles, courage, and an inner beauty that none could be compared to Plus, you looked amazing and still do! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • My time with you is special and I savor each and every moment of it. Life with you has been delicious, wonderful, and full of delight. Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • You see something in me that no one could appreciate. I’m happy it was you that saw it and happy that you’re the person that I get to spend my life with! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Ever since that magic moment you have held my heart. I knew you were someone special right from the very start. I knew that one day we would make a beautiful family. I knew that our love could be forever something that’s just between you and me! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Perfect Match!

  • Home is where you are. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • I didn’t realize that our love would grow so much and that my days would be filled with thoughts of continually loving you. It’s a wonderful life because I have you! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Beautiful Wife!

  • Shall I call you "Sweetie", "Lovely Lips", "Fabulous One", "Honey Bun"? I’m so glad that I can because you’re mine, Dearest Valentine!

  • You’ll never know how much I love you. My love is greater than all of the stars in the sky! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • *There’s no doubt in my mind or my heart that I’ll always love you forever! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Anniversaries are sweet reminders of how wonderful a marriage is especially when the anniversary is on Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day Anniversary To My Wife!

  • As luck would have it, it appears that I’ve hit the jackpot by having a wife like you! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Every fiber of me is intertwined with you forever! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Forever Friend, My Wife!

  • Every king needs a queen. I’m glad you’re mine! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • For all of the things that you are to me, I am so thankful and very happy! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Frog-get about it We have this love thing locked down! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • I couldn’t fall anymore in love with you than I already am. It’s safe to say that I’m head over heels! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Loving Wife!

  • I’m dog-gone glad that you’re mine, Valentine! Love you!

  • It’s safe to say that I have never had a sexier bedmate especially not one that is totally fine with me snoring as soon as I hit the pillow! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Lucky me. I’m the fortunate one. I’m the man with the golden ticket of love. I’m the life lottery winner. I’m all of those things because I have you for a wife! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • My forever happiness began the day that I met you. Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • My heart is screaming out, "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!!" Can you hear it? Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!

  • My life would not be what it is without you. I thank God for that! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • Near you is where I feel the most peace and love. You’re a beautiful part of my life that I truly cherish. Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife With Love!

  • One of the most brilliant things that I have ever done was to marry you. Yup, I should have been a rocket scientist because I’m as smart as they come! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wonderful Wife!

  • Our love is never-ending. I’m so grateful for that! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • We have had such a marvelous life together, thus far. I can’t wait to see what awaits us in the future! With Love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • We, totally, know each other. It’s an awesome kind of love that we share. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

  • You are so lucky to have me for a Valentine. Yes, you! Lucky Why are you giving me that "in your dreams"-look? Happy Valentine’s Day To My Lucky Wife!

  • You still turn me on! Like right now .Happy Valentine’s Day To My Wife!

  • You’re arm candy, eye candy, and lip candy Guys hate me because I have this gorgeous wife Life is good! Happy Valentine’s Day To My Beautiful and Perfect Wife!

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