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Birthday Wishes for Wife

Wishing your wife a very Happy Birthday with the right words can make her smile, cry tears of joy, and remember why you are the most important man in her life. Creating the perfect birthday wishes for wife will make her smile and feel the love in her heart she felt the first time you met. Using the birthday quotes for wife you will find on this website will help you create a unique message of birthday love and make her know how much she means to you.

Birthday Wishes For Wife

  • Happy Birthday, dear wife! I thank you for everything you have done for me - from loving me to caring for me; from marrying me to living with me-I know it needs guts to bear with me. I love you!

  • I am proud to be your husband-you are a strong women with beautiful eyes and wonderful smile. Happy Birthday!

  • For all those times that you have been with me-I thank you from the core of my heart. Love you always. Happy Birthday, my dear wife!

  • Sending you a birthday wish that is special, loving and thankful! You are special, so you deserve a loving wish that states that I am thankful for you to enter my life. Happy Birthday, wife!

  • You are the snow white of my dreams; the Cinderella of my life; the fairy of my heart-You are a perfect fairytale wife with no flaws. Happy Birthday!

  • -And the award for the best wife goes to-my wife!!!! You are everything I ever craved for. Happy Birthday, my dear wife!

  • To the woman I love the most in this world-from the man who loves you the most in this world-happy birthday!

  • You are more than just a wife-you are a best friend, a mentor, an inspiration, and a guardian angel. Love you, wife! Happy Birthday to you!

  • You will never grow old or ugly-for me, you look like a teenage girl with perfect figure and beautiful skin. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world! I wish to see you lying beside me for the rest of my life.

  • You are a perfect partner - you have always encouraged me, cheered me up and have stayed with me through thick and thin. Love you for everything. Thanks for keeping the marriage vows. Happy Birthday!

  • I know I am not a perfect husband, but there is no doubt about the fact that you are a perfect wife. Happy Birthday!

  • You are tempting and irresistible. Happy Birthday, sexy wife!

  • You are the love of my life! Happy Birthday, my wife!

  • You make little things so special, just by being you. The way you say goodbye to me every morning, before I leave for office; the way you kiss me goodnight; the way you make coffee for me; the way you look at me-everything about you is special. Happy Birthday, special lady!

  • I pray to God that you stay healthy and happy all your life. Happy Birthday, Miss. Perfect Wife!

  • I know I am lucky to have you as my wife-I want to tell you that you are also lucky to have me as your husband. There are worse husbands in the world, trust me! Happy birthday, beautiful!

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful wife in the world!

  • I know I always test your patience-but the best part is you always pass the test! Happy Birthday, my wonderful wife!

  • I love you more than football games, beers, and my car-you don’t believe me? I swear! I never wish them birthday-Happy Birthday!

  • I thank God for sending you down for me-you are my angel. Happy Birthday!

  • You are my playmate, my soul mate-my wife! Happy Birthday!

  • Wishing my wife a wonderful birthday! You are my sunshine!

  • I dreamed about having a wife like you, ever since I started to breathe. Happy birthday, my dream wife!

  • I wonder what made you fall in love with an ordinary like myself-you are a perfect woman with wonderful qualities. Happy Birthday!

  • Today is your birthday, lets celebrate it by staying in bed the whole day. Happy Birthday!

  • You are completely irresistible - like always! Happy Birthday!

  • You are sexy, beautiful, smart and intelligent-I am sexy, sexy and sexy-wow! What a combo! Happy Birthday!

  • My life stars and ends with you-may this never change! Happy Birthday, wifey!

  • My terrific wife has a birthday today-so I am taking her out for dinner. Happy Birthday!

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