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Religious Birthday Wishes

Celebrating a person’s birthday has been part of religion since before the birth of Christ. Through God’s graces, we have been given life and from Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we know love and peace. Wishing your friends and family members religious birthday wishes on their special day tells them how much you care and love them and know that God is in their life. The religious birthday quotes you will find on this website will help you craft the perfect and unique religious birthday message bringing a smile to their face and heart.

Religious Birthday Wishes

  • You are blessed - do you know why? You are blessed because you know how to enlighten a day; how to make others smile; how to enjoy the blessings of God; how to share love; and how to thank God for all the blessings. May you have a blessed life! Happy birthday!

  • There is surely an angel watching over you-I pray to God to keep blessing you throughout your life. Happy birthday!

  • God has made you beautiful, so celebrate your birthday as thanks to HIM for this. “The truest beauty is not made with human hands.” - Psalm 139:14

  • It is your birthday, so it is a day of celebration for us all. God blessed us with a person like you, we thank Him or this. Happy Birthday!

  • James 1:17 - “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.” Happy Birthday!

  • May happiness surround you all the time! May you be the richest person in the world - with jewels of love and treasure of cares! Happy Birthday!

  • Thank you, God-for putting my friend and I into the same corner of the world. Happy Birthday, friend! I feel blessed to be with you.

  • I have a question - do angels in heaven have birthdays? Well, angels on earth do. Happy birthday, angel!

  • You are blessed - your words are cherished as they reflect the beauty of the heart beating within your chest. Have a great birthday with Jesus being your guide and God being your master!

  • You have a birthday-it’s a sign of God’s love for you. He loves you and wishes to have you on His earth. Be good to all and keep enjoying the blessings.

  • Have a very happy birthday! God bless you!

  • Wishing you a great life full of happiness and God’s blessings!

  • Birthday brings hope, love, joys and faith. Faith makes us stronger; joys make us happier; love makes us safer; and hope makes us brighter. Happy Birthday!

  • God created you for a reason - He created you to touch the lives of those around you and I am glad I am one of them. Have a wonderful birthday!

  • God used a special formula in creating you - he mixed smiles with joys to make your mind, and goodness and angelic deeds to create your heart. Make people happy and stay blessed! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to you! May this year be the best year for you - over-brimmed with true promises and bright beauty!

  • Have an amazing birthday! Celebrate life with your loved ones on your special day.

  • Happy Birthday to you! May your birthday be as beautiful as your presence in my life!

  • Happy Birthday! May you grow in love and faith, every year!

  • You are a truly wonderful person - the one of its kind ever created by God. Happy Birthday!

  • Your birthday is a celebration of God’s miracle of life. Happy birthday!

  • God has a plan for you - a plan to keep you happy and warm, now and always. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to you! May this be the year of joys, happiness and success for you!

  • Each birthday brings the message of love, bright new blessings and shiny joys. Happy Birthday!

  • God created you - He was at His best when He did that. Happy Birthday!

  • God is shaping your life to be perfect and beautiful. Find happiness in small things and make others happy with the happiness that God blesses you with. Happy Birthday!

  • God is the best planner - believe in him and you shall triumph. Happy Birthday!

  • God loves you - He shows it in the form of sunshine, rain drops, smiles, and flowers. May He shower His blessings on you!

  • God sends us blessing on birthdays to remind us how beautiful life is meant to be. Happy Birthday!

  • God’s biggest gift to you is your life. He has blessed with you with friends and family who cares for you. Have a wonderful birthday! “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. James 1:17”

  • Happy Birthday to you! God has blessed you with a life so beautiful and complete. Thank Him and enjoy his blessings and bounties.

  • Happy Birthday to you! I thank God for bringing you into my life. You are a God gifted person.

  • Happy Birthday to you! Remember, your life is a beautiful gift give to you by God. You can return his favor by returning happiness to his creatures.

  • I am sure God has planned another year of happiness, joys and smiles for you. Happy birthday!

  • I send you two warm prayers on your birthday - May you see many more and May you experience true and everlasting happiness in life. Happy Birthday!

  • May God bless you throughout the year - with all the pleasant things! Happy Birthday!

  • May God look down on you on your birthday and shower on you all the joys and happiness of the world! Happy Birthday!

  • May God’s eternal love fill your heart and may joys dance around you, now and always. Happy Birthday!

  • May Jesus be your guide and may God be at your side! I wish you a great birthday, now and always.

  • May you be as happy as a beautiful free bird on your birthday!

  • You are special - Happy Birthday on your special day!

  • God created you to be beautiful and faithful. I wish fulfill God’s purpose of brining you into this world. Happy Birthday!

  • Lord loves you because you are worth it. May all joys be yours on your special day! Happy Birthday!

  • May God bless you every single second of the day - with joys, fruits, sweet things and pleasant things in life! Be joyous and happy on your special day!

  • Special days are coming ahead on your special day. Happy Birthday!

  • Through birthdays, God teaches us the realities of life. We should celebrate and thank God for blessing us with birthday. May your birthday be blessed!

  • Your birthday is bound to be a true example of perfection and happiness. He created to illuminate the darkness of those in despair. You are special and so is the day today. Happy Birthday!

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