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2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Birthday Wishes

During a child’s second (third, fourth, or fifth) birthday, we see them become more and more lively and understanding of the meaning behind having a birthday. Their day is filled with family and friends, presents, and special birthday messages. The 2nd birthday wishes you choose from the many 2nd birthday quotes available on this website, will help you make them smile and let them know you care about them and love them. The 2nd birthday card you make from them can be kept as a keepsake showing them you were there for them.

2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Birthday Wishes

  • 2nd Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest birthday girl in the world! May you grow up to be as beautiful as Snow White!

  • Today, you have turned two, which means you are twice as cute and loveable as you were before. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • Second birthday is special because it reminds us of your 1st birthday and the day you were born. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  • You are younger than 3 and older than 1-that means you are somewhere in the middle of this. This in turn means you are 2. Got that? Happy 2nd birthday!

  • It has been two years that you are around, no wonder the earth looks beautiful than ever. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • Two is a special number - we all have two ears, two hands, two feet and two nostrils. And guess what? You are two today! Happy 2nd Birthday!

  • And the cutest baby award goes to-.? To someone who just turned two. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • You are TWO - Terrific Wonderful Outstanding. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • You are two million times cuter than anyone else on the planet. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • Today, I will hug you and kiss you twice. Guess why? Well, because you are TWO today. Happy 2nd Birthday!

  • You are so sweetly two. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • Hey! Cut the cake and blow the two candles - happy 2nd birthday!

  • I am sending a kitty your way to wish you a happy birthday from me, keep it safe. Happy 2nd birthday!

  • 3rd Birthday Wishes

  • Have a happy 3rd birthday! You are THREE things - Naughty’ Cute’ and Sweet’!

  • You are a perfect three today - dance on the birthday songs and have fun! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Candles Cake balloons - three essentials for birthdays! You are three today-you deserve a real blast. Happy 3rd birthday!

  • It’s fun to be THREE - Terrific Handsome Ravishing Extraordinary Energetic. Happy 3rd birthday!

  • On your third birthday, I want to give you three hugs and three kisses. Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • You are growing up really fast-time flies! Happy 3rd birthday!

  • You have turned three today-this makes me clap thrice for you! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Have the brightest 3rd birthday!

  • May your third birthday be full of surprises and fun! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Here is hoping your third birthday be thrice as much fun as your first two. Happy 3rd birthday!

  • You know what makes you special today? Your age - you are a grown up guy of three years of age. Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Three cheer to you! Happy 3rd birthday!

  • 1 - 2 - 3 - Here you go! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Being three is exciting-No! It’s Super Exciting!!! Happy 3rd Birthday with an exciting way!

  • It’s fun to be three. May you enjoy your year! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • May your third birthday find you smiling! Happy 3rd Birthday!

  • Three special teddy bears for a three-year old little guy! Happy 3rd birthday!

  • 4th Birthday Wishes

  • FOUR is an important number - every car has four wheels. Today, you have turned four, so special congrats! Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Make four wishes today because it’s your fourth birthday. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Today is the time to celebrate your 4th year with us. Happy 4th birthday!

  • Hey! You are four years old now. OLD? OMG! You were just born. You are super-fast. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • I love your smile, especially when you see a yummy food coming your way. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Sending four puppies your way! One for hugging you; one for kissing you; one for making a birthday cake for you; and one for chatting with you! Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Blow 4 candles on your birthday cake today. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Enjoying being 4 - Happy Birthday!

  • Four is all about fun, so what are you waiting for? Let’s have fun! Happy 4th Birthday!

  • Have a superb 4th birthday!

  • I am sending a magical mermaid your way. She will wish you a very happy birthday. Happy 4th birthday!

  • Sending four kittens for you! Each one will tell you how much I love you. This can take longer than you expect. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • 5th Birthday Wishes

  • Since, you are a special little fairy I take this opportunity to wish you luck in the coming year. Happy 5th Birthday!

  • Five is for - Fantastic Incredible Vivacious Extraordinary. Happy 5th Birthday!

  • You have turned 5 today. You are really growing up! Happy 5th Birthday!

  • Be cool - fifth year is the wonderful year, you get to make friends at school. Enjoy your 5th year. Happy Birthday!

  • Being 5 is cool-you will be treated as a grown up now, by kids who are younger than you. Happy 5th Birthday!

  • Hey! Give me FIVE - Happy fifth birthday!

  • Let’s heart it for 5 - yeah!!! Happy 5th Birthday! Have fun and stay happy!

  • Love those little 5 candles on your birthday cake! Happy 5th Birthday!

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