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Birthday Wishes for Brother

Your brother means so much to you. You grew up together through thick and thin, were mostly best friends and sometimes not-so-much. Making special birthday wishes for brother from the many messages available on this website will help you tell him how much he means to you. The birthday quotes for brother you will use in your birthday card to him will bring a smile to his face and heart and he will remember how much growing up together meant to you both.

Birthday Wishes For Brother

  • You don’t often tell me how much you love me - since brothers don’t like doing that but I want to tell you how much I love you, because it’s your special day. Happy Birthday!

  • Stand up and walk to the mirror - that man standing there is my brother and I am proud of him. Happy Birthday!

  • You look exactly like dad, bro! Happy Birthday!

  • May your birthday be bright and sunny! Happy Birthday, brother!

  • Happy Birthday! Waiting for your birthday cake, brother!

  • -and the best brother award goes! Happy Birthday!

  • Cut the cake and blow the candles, brother - it’s your special day. Happy Birthday!

  • For a special brother like you, I wish I could send a special gift on your special day. Take this card as a token of my love for you. Happy Birthday!

  • For every candle on your birthday cake, I have a special wish for you. May you always be happy! Happy Birthday, brother!

  • Happy Birthday to the brother, who makes me proud to be his sister!

  • Happy Birthday, brother! I am proud to be your sister - lucky me!

  • Having you for a brother is the best part of my life. Happy Birthday!

  • Hmmm-I confess you are more intelligent that I am and that mom and dad are right about it. Happy Birthday, brother!

  • I can walk barefooted to a jungle for you, if that could give me the power to bless you with eternal happiness. Happy Birthday, brother!

  • I don’t know how life would have been, if you were not my brother. Happy Birthday!

  • I feel more connected to you, with each passing moment. Happy Birthday, brother!

  • I have grown up imitating you and idealizing you. I wish I could be at least half as perfect as you. Happy Birthday, brother!

  • I know I have been mean in the past, brother. But, I know you have forgiven me. You are a real treasure. Happy Birthday!

  • Over all these years, I have reached to a conclusion that I was born under a lucky star. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a brother as sweet as you. Happy Brother!

  • We share a rich treasure of beautiful memories. I wish that our treasure keeps growing. Happy Birthday, brother!

  • Wishing you a beautiful year and a wonderful birthday bash, dear bro!

  • Wishing you a birthday full of surprises, brother!

  • Wishing you the coolest kind of birthday - where you have all the pretty girls around you! Happy Birthday!

  • You are like an old wine, dear bro. The older you get, the better you are. Happy Birthday!

  • You are loved, dear brother. I wish you a lot of happiness in life. Happy Birthday!

  • You are the best brother in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • You have grown up to be a handsome man, dear bro. Happy Birthday!

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