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Funny Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are supposed to be fun, exciting, and a celebration of life for your friends and family members. Adding funny birthday wishes to their birthday card can add a bit of witty sarcasm, an inside joke, or something else to make them and everyone else at their birthday party laugh and giggle. This website has all you need to find the right funny birthday quotes to use or to give you some other ideas of what to say. Either way, you are sure to make them smile or laugh.

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Another birthday? Oops-long way, dude!

  • B for birthdays and B for bitch - Happy Birthday!

  • By looking at your clothes, you look like a baby-when will you grow up? Happy Birthday!

  • Can you comfortably breathe at this age? Why does your chest whistle? Happy birthday!

  • Excited for birthday gifts? Come on, grow up!

  • Have a crazy birthday! At your age, you should be an experienced birthday celebrator.

  • Hey! Better join a medical college. Yup! You heard that right-students will study you to discover 100 old-age diseases. Happy Birthday!

  • Hey! Don’t ever sit at the driver’s seat now. You are way to YOUNG for that-happy birthday!

  • Hey! Get your wrinkles removed, you would look young again-I think! Happy Birthday!

  • Hey! Have a complete freak-out on your birthday!

  • Hey! Here comes another year to your age. Happy Birthday!

  • Hey! Remember old age jokes were our favorite. Anyways, happy birthday!

  • How big will be your birthday cake? I mean how many candles could you place on a normal size cake?

  • I have a bad news for you-you really look like the hag in that cartoon, we would watch in our OLD times. Happy Birthday!

  • I wouldn’t write that you are old-I will just stand at one end of your roof and shout it out at the top of my pitch. Happy Birthday!

  • It’s the time people start looking up to you so please present a good example. Grow up in maturity too, along with the age.

  • Learn the difference between aging and maturation and then celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • Let’s blow your birthday candles. It wouldn’t take more than 10 hours. Happy Birthday!

  • Life is a game, keep growing to increase your score. Happy Birthday!

  • Ready for the party? No? Yeah! That’s an obvious answer at your age. You can’t even walk to washroom, so how would you have a party!

  • See the sunny side of your birthday - people have started respecting you. Happy Birthday!

  • Stay young by counting each year of your birthday. Have a great birthday!

  • Today, when I sent the angel to you, I showed him your picture first, so that your wrinkles don’t scare him off. Happy Birthday!

  • You are not old. You are the oldest!

  • You are the tastiest old person in the world. Unfortunately, you can’t taste anything because you don’t have teeth. Happy Birthday!

  • You know people love to be your age-people, who are 150 years old. Happy Birthday!

  • You know you are breaking natural law - no one can look that good at your age. Happy Birthday!

  • You look sweet 16-in the dark. Happy Birthday!

  • You made fun of old people in the past. Now, it has come back to you. Poor chap!

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