Birthday Wishes for Special People

Many special people exist in our lives from coaches, teachers, doctors, therapists, bosses, and professors. Recognizing them on their birthdays with birthday wishes for special people adds more humanity to your relationship with them making the happier to know you. You will find many birthday quotes for special people on this website to help you craft a personalized and unique birthday message to them.

  • I love to have this opportunity to wish you on your birthday. I hope your birthday is full of fun and excitement. Wondering who is this? I am your secrete pal, who wishes to reveal his/her identity soon to you, but not now!

  • I am happy that it is your birthday; that I am able to send you birthday wishes; and that I promise to be around forever. There is little something that you should do on your birthday, too-and that is to guess who is your secret pal - who am I?

  • You always go the extra mile to make others smile and happy. Stay happy! Happy Birthday!

  • You are nice and thoughtful; charming and beautiful; you light up my life with your presence. I am your secret pal, who always wishes the best for you. Have a great birthday!

  • Can you guess who am I? I am somebody who is sending you this beautiful card to wish you never-ending joys on your birthday. I am your secret pal.

  • Can you guess who has sent you these lovely greetings? Well, it is me, your secret pal. I wish you great joys, now and always.

  • Dear coach, it’s exciting to know that you are having a birthday. Wishing you a great time!

  • For the best teacher in the world - have the best birthday ever!

  • Here are the scissors and here is the ribbon - let’s cut it and begin the show! Happy Birthday!

  • Hey coach! Have a starry birthday!

  • Wishing the sweetest teacher, a sweetest birthday!

  • You are a wonderful caregiver - wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  • You are the BEST - Beautiful Extraordinary Sweet Terrific. Have the BEST birthday ever.

  • Your birthday marks the difference that you make to this world. Have a great birthday!

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