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Belated Birthday Wishes

Sometimes life gets in the way of remembering birthdays. But, as the saying goes, it’s never too late to wish someone belated birthday wishes. This helpful custom helps us keep our friends and family close to us and shows them that we really didn’t forget their birthday. You will find many belated birthday quotes on this website to help you choose the right words to include in your belated birthday card. Sometimes belated birthday messages help extend your friends’ or family members’ birthday making it even more special.

Belated Birthday Wishes

  • You think I am sending this card a bit late? No way, I was on time. I think your watch is a little too fast. OK! Sorry for the belated birthday wish!

  • Here is wishing the gorgeous, intelligent, joyful, and charming you, a happy belated birthday! WOW! That brought a big smile to your face!

  • Just when my brain cells came alive and reminded me that it was your birthday, I ran straight toward the card shop and got this for you. I know I cannot run fast, so sorry for having this reach you a little late. Happy belated birthday!

  • OK! So, let me tell you that it wasn’t me but the little kitty that forgot to remind me of your special day. Bad kitty! Hope you had a great one!

  • A little fairy informed me that you were having a birthday. I wonder why the fairy took so long to inform me. Anyways, I hope you had a good one!

  • With big wishes for you, I am sorry for being late. Happy belated birthday!

  • I confess I have the speed of a turtle-please don’t mind my slowness. Happy belated birthday!

  • It’s not that I forgot your birthday. In fact, the problem is I thought I should wish you on a day nobody does, to tell you how special you are to me. Happy belated birthday!

  • Your birthday was here and I was there, so I could not hear any of your birthday bells. Sorry for the poor rhyme and the poor pun, hope you had a great fun. Happy belated birthday!

  • Do not mind the late arrival of my card. The postman was too old to walk fast to your door. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

  • Got this as soon as I could, but I know I am still late. So, instead of sending you birthday wishes, I will wish you joys for the rest of the year.

  • Happy belated birthday! The card went on a trip with his friend, so arrived late. How mean is this card! Wishing you a great year!

  • Here is sending you a truck full of apologies for missing out on your special day. Hope your birthday was fun, as ever!

  • Hmmm-take my belated birthday wishes as my attempt to make you feel younger for a few extra days. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

  • Hope you had a great birthday. I don’t know who else missed out on it, but I promise I care for you as much as those who wished you on time.

  • I am not good at presenting excuses, so I would just apologize for forgetting your birthday. Here is wishing you a happy belated birthday!

  • I am old, my head doesn’t function properly anymore-however, my heart does so here is wishing you a happy belated birthday with heart full of love for you!

  • I hate to wish you late on your birthday, but you know my prayers are with you all the year around. Happy belated birthday, dear!

  • I have a silly little birdie, who forgets to remind me all the special birthdays. Now, you know how special your birthday is for me? Sorry for the late wish. Happy belated birthday!

  • I know I am late but my birthday wishes are warm and sincere, please accept them. Happy belated birthday!

  • I know I missed your birthday and I regret to have done that. However, I sent you this as soon as I remembered it. Still, I know it’s late so instead of wishing you a great day, I would rather wish you a wonderful year to come.

  • I know you got this card late, but what’s my fault? I am very punctual; the only problem is I live in a body of an unpunctual fellow. Hope you had a beautiful birthday!

  • I know your birthday is over, but we still have time for the bash! The party is on-happy belated birthday!

  • I promise, this would not happen ever again - I mean the late’ part. Happy belated birthday!

  • I wanted to make sure that I do not forget about your birthday, so I marked it on the calendar. See, how smart I am! However, I failed to remember where I put that silly calendar. Oops! Happy belated birthday!

  • I would not ask for any cakes or balloons-I know you don’t have them anymore. I just want to let you know that missing out on your birthday made me feel broken and empty.

  • Missed your special day, but do not worry, since my wishes for you remain valid around the clock. Happy belated birthday!

  • My feelings are sincere, and your nature is sweet, our relation is true, BUT sorry that the wishes are overdue. Happy belated birthday!

  • My warm wishes for you kept hanging in the air, until now when they reached you. Happy belated birthday!

  • Remember, good friends can never forget birthdays, they just remember them late at times. Hope your birthday was wonderful like always.

  • You hate me coz I am late? Likewise! Happy belated birthday!

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