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Birthday Wishes for Co-Worker

Most of us spend almost a third of our lives working with people and getting to know them as friends as well as co-workers. Celebrating their birthdays with a special card filled with Happy Birthday wishes for co-worker will make them feel extra loved on their birthday. The birthday quotes for co-worker you can find on this website will help you add fun-filled birthday messages and sayings to make them laugh and remember how fun it can be at work.

Birthday Wishes For Co-worker

  • You are a shining star of our team. We are proud to have you with us. Happy birthday!

  • You make my professional life cheerful and bright, as you work with me. It is a great pleasure to have you around at work. Your presence is positive and energetic. Happy birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday! You are not just a co-worker but also a wonderful friend. I wish you truck full of happiness and good luck!

  • Today, I wish to let you know that working with someone as talented and intelligent as yourself, is a great joy. I admire you for your strength and determination. You deserve a big pat on your shoulders for it- Wishing you a happy birthday!

  • Here is wishing a wonderful co-worker a wonderful birthday! I can help you with some of those files - offer valid until today, only.

  • Today is your special day-get up from your desk and throw a party. Make our workplace a party area and show the world your guts. Happy birthday!

  • I am here to teach you some business Dos’ and Do Nots’-Please do celebrate your birthday with a large strawberry cheese cake - it looks professional. And please do not eat the cake alone - this is even more professional. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Trust me, you are a source of inspiration for us - ahem ahem-for the way you eat your lunch in the breaks. Happy birthday, dear!

  • You know the best thing about my job? Working with you! It is a treat-happy birthday!

  • Wishing you great joys, never ending happiness, and everlasting smiles on your birthday! It is a day to celebrate-believe in your dreams and make a difference in the world.

  • You are such a nice person to work with that I decided to give you this today. Have a great birthday!

  • Wishing you a healthy and happy life! Happy Birthday!

  • You are a mood lifter, an angle, a perfect buddy at work. Happy birthday!

  • Have a carefree birthday-we allow you to surf the internet all day long on your birthday to write back birthday thank you messages. Say NO to work on your birthday!

  • Today, you look sweeter, better, cuter and tastier-oops! We don’t see you today; we see an opportunity for a sweet birthday treat. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear boss, wishing you a great birthday! Everyone in the office is so happy that they are taking a day off on your birthday. We know you wouldn’t mind covering for us!

  • Happy Birthday to you! Birthday fairy, come come come-give us vacations and a handful of great sum.

  • Happy Birthday to you! Make sure to run to work today, you will gain extra calories with your huge chocolate birthday cake.

  • Happy Birthday! Did you notice everyone at work is smiling at you? Nah! It’s not because I told them it’s your birthday - I just started a funny gossip about your pants!

  • Happy Birthday! Party all night, sleep tight and take an off from work tomorrow.

  • Hey boss! It’s your birthday today. We wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you agree that what you are today is because of us - I mean, aren’t you eager to retire?

  • I love working with you - you are fun and cooperative! Happy Birthday!

  • Last time, we had a cake on your birthday. This time, we have a cake and coffee. Next time, we will have a Bar-B-Que. Like the idea? Happy birthday!

  • We have a birthday surprise for you - we have a booked a table for ten at a grand hotel for your birthday treat. Please don’t forget to pick your bill! Happy Birthday!

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