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Birthday Wishes for Grandmother

Your grandmother always had a smile and hug for you, especially when you need them the most. Her kind and gentle words of advice and guidance helped make you the person you are today. You can show her how much she means to you in a birthday card filled with special birthday wishes for grandmother to make her smile and feel your love for her. The birthday quotes for grandmother you can choose from this website will give you a personalized and unique birthday message to her.

Birthday Wishes For Grandmother

  • Having a grandma like you makes me think that I am the luckiest soul in the world. I thank God for sending you down for me - as my friend, my grandma and my guardian angel. Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, I want to tell you that a thoughtful, caring and loving grandma like you is a source of constant joy in my life. I thank you for all the things that you have done for me to assure my safety and success. Happy Birthday!

  • You have always brightened my heart with your amazing wisdom and lightened my life with your eternal love. I am proud of you. Wishing you a superb birthday, grandma!

  • You were, are and will be the backbone of our family. You are the pillar on which our family stands. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • On your birthday, I pray to God to keep you health and happy always. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • Sending a little birthday note for my sweetest grandma - you are loved a lot! Happy Birthday!

  • Grandma, I wish I could so something more special on your birthday, than just sending you this card. I love you! Happy Birthday!

  • Grandma, you are gifted with the ability to make people happy just by being around them. I am glad you are my grandma. May you always stay around! Happy Birthday!

  • My dear grandma, you are loved a lot, so your birthday should be celebrated in the best way ever! Happy Birthday!

  • My life could never have been so beautiful if you were not my grandma. Thanks for being a part of my life! Happy Birthday!

  • I wish I could give you a whole garden of red roses, each one indicating my love for you. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • You and I are like cake and sugar - can’t ever be separated! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • A wonderful happy birthday to a wonderful grandma! May you have many more!

  • Happy Birthday, my dear grandma! I cherish each and every moment that we have spent together.

  • On your birthday, I wish you find a bag full of money so that you can buy me everything I want. I know you wouldn’t mind spending each and every cent on me. Happy Birthday, dear generous Grandma!

  • On your birthday, I wish you love and happiness. Happy Birthday, dear grandma!

  • Showers of blessings! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • There is no doubt about the fact that you are a special grandma and that today is your special day. Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s do some special celebration! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • You have always made me feel at home in your company. You are someone I can talk my heart to. Thanks for being in my life. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • Grandma, you are the best grandmother on this planet! Not sure, if they have them on Mars. Happy Birthday!

  • A warm and caring person like you deserves a super blast on her birthday, so here’s wishing you a super birthday! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • Dear Grandma - You and I share a special bond of love. You are always on my thoughts because you have taught me so many things in life. I will always be by your side, no matter what. Love you now and always. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear great grandma, on your birthday, I wish you a life that is beautiful and sweet. Happy Birthday!

  • Every day that I have spent with you is special. However, today is your birthday and this makes it extra special. So, let’s celebrate it! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • Everything we do together becomes a history - remember, last time when you took me for shopping, I spent all your money and we had to walk back home because we didn’t have the money to pay for the car’s fuel. Happy Birthday, dear grandma!

  • Grandma, you rock! Happy Birthday!

  • Great-Grandma - Happy Birthday to you! It’s a special day that brings to my memories all the special things that you have ever done for me.

  • Happy Birthday, grandmother! May your heart over-brim with peace and may your life be full of fun!

  • Happy Birthday, grandmother! May your life be like a birthday song - vivacious and joyous!

  • Have a great birthday and a great new year! You are the best grandma in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • Have a wonderful birthday, grandma! You are the nicest, the sweetest and the best grandma ever known to the mankind.

  • Hope this birthday finds you smiling. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • I am the luckiest grandson in the world to have the best grandma like you. Happy Birthday!

  • I can see loads of love for me in your bright beautiful eyes. You are my world! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • I pray for you, not only on your birthdays but throughout the year around. Happy Birthday, dear grandma!

  • I thank God for inventing grandmothers; otherwise I would miss something so important in my life. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • It’s a perfect time to celebrate your strength, courage and kindness of heart. Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • May every wish that you have come true! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • May your birthday be as bright as the sun and as shiny as the moon! Happy Birthdya, Grandmother!

  • May your birthday be blessed and beautiful! Happy Birthday, my dearest grandma!

  • May your birthday bring the happiest turn into your life! Happy Birthday, grandma!

  • You have kept our family intact with the bond of love that we share because of you. You are a true goddess in my eyes. Happy Birthday, grandma!

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