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Our Birthday Wishes For You

Wishing someone Happy Birthday from both of you or a group of you adds special meaning to that person’s birthday celebration. Caring enough to create a birthday card filled with “our wishes for you,” will bring a smile to their face and a song to their heart. You will all find many great birthday quotes for this special person on this website to help craft a personalized and unique birthday message they will remember and cherish for a long time.

Our Birthday Wishes For You

  • We wanted to get the best birthday present for you, so we are sending you the best wishes for your beautiful life. Happy Birthday!

  • Wishing that your day is special - full of fragrance of roses! Happy Birthday!

  • You are beauty with brains-B for beauty and B for brains. Birthday also starts with B. So, have a beautiful birthday!

  • May the world be a paradise of happiness for you! Happy Birthday!

  • May this year be the best one for you! Happy Birthday!

  • May your wishes be true! Enjoy your day and have fun! Happy Birthday!

  • We hope your special day be beautiful and sweet. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! Wishes for your golden life!

  • Happy Birthday! You have admirers and fans, because you are just too difficult to resist.

  • Happy birthday for us! Have a real cool one!

  • Happy birthday from the core of my heart!

  • Hey! Your birthday feels like vacations-excitement is in the air. Let’s go for a birthday bash. Happy Birthday!

  • Hope you have the greatest sweetest nicest and cutest birthday!

  • I wish I could make a pyramid on your birthday, get over its tops and wish you a happy birthday.

  • It’s time to celebrate a special day - your birthday! Woops!

  • This card speaks for our love for you. Have a wonderful birthday!

  • Wish your birthday be fun and happy-just the way you have made our lives happy and fun. Happy Birthday!

  • Yahoo!!! It’s your birthday - let’s have fun!

  • You are the best and so are the things that belong to you - even your friend, like us! Happy Birthday!

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