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Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sisters are special and wishing them a happy birthday sister message makes them feel loved and cared for. They may aggravate you at times but are always there for you when you need them most. Finding birthday wishes for sister on this website will help you craft the perfect and unique message for your birthday card to her. The birthday quotes for sister you say to her will bring a smile to her face and heart and make your relationship even stronger.

Birthday Wishes For Sister

  • Happy Birthday, dear sister! On your birthday, I want to take the opportunity to thank God for making you my sister. You have always come through for me in hard and difficult times. You have always brightened up my little world with your presence.

  • I am so glad we are sisters. We have some beautiful memories from our childhood and the treasure of these memories is very precious for me. I may not always tell you how special you are to me, but today I want to tell you that without you my life is incomplete. Happy Birthday!

  • Even though, we don’t stay in touch all the time but mere distance cannot apart us, as we share a special bond. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • May God bless you with joys and success, now and always! I wish you a birthday that if filled with smiles and all the good things in life. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • You are everything I ever wanted in a sister - thoughtful, caring, intelligent, easy-going and a great friend. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • Some things never change in the world - like Us, our love and friendship. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • We have shared good and bad times; this has made our bond deeper and stronger. You are not just a sister but also a very special friend. Happy Birthday, dear sister!

  • I cannot imagine my life without you. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • Cheers to you on your birthday! Let’s celebrate and have a blast, dear sister!

  • God made us sisters, we didn’t have a choice. However, he made the best choice for us both. Later, we became friends and that was purely our decision. I am proud to have made this decision. You are a true friend. Happy Birthday, dear!

  • God’s biggest gift to me is YOU! Happy Birthday, dear sweet sister!

  • Happy Birthday to my perfect SISTER - You are everything the word sister’ stands for Sweet Intelligent Simple Trustworthy Elegant Right

  • Happy Birthday, sister! Hope your birthday is as perfect as your beautiful figure. I know I have made your day by saying that!

  • Happy Birthday, sister! You make our family beautiful.

  • Hope your birthday finds you smiling. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I am so lucky to have you for a sister. Happy Birthday!

  • I am talented, intelligent and pretty and I know I take this from you. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I am your biggest fan on the planet because I know how special you are. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I have always followed you as a role model - you are strong and courageous. I admire you for the positive energy you spread around you. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I love you for each and every second of life that we have spent together. You have always been very understanding and caring. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • I thank God for sending you down from heavens above to enter into my life. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • It is a great privilege to have a wonderful sister like you. Happy Birthday, dear!

  • It’s your big day - have a blast and treat yourself like a princess. Happy birthday, sister!

  • Let’s celebrate your birthday today - with candles, cakes, and balloons. You surely deserve it! Happy Birthday, sister!

  • Look at the world; it’s blooming today - just in your honor. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • My coolest sister - happy birthday to you!

  • On your special day, I would like to tell you how glad I am to have you for my sister. Happy Birthday!

  • The bond that we share is unexplainable. You are so special to me, that you are the only person I would not get bored of even if we talk continuously for 24 hours. You’re my sister and my best friend. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • This world would have never been so beautiful and warm as it is now, because of your presence. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • We are sisters and friends forever. Happy Birthday!

  • We may not meet very often, but our bond always stays alive. Have a great birthday, dear sister!

  • What are you to me? - A helping hand, a laughter generator, a guide and mentor, a best friend and a wonderful sister. Happy Birthday, sis!

  • Wishing my wonderful sister an amazing birthday! Today, I want to thank you for your friendship and your support. You have always been a source of joy and inspiration for me. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • With every birthday, you grow up to be nicer and sweeter. Thanks for being a wonderful sister. Happy Birthday!

  • Wow! I am your sister. I hope I am not dreaming. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • You are a year older today - please, don’t worry, you still look as younger as me. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • You are the best rose in the garden of our family. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • You are the best sister in the world. You are my true confidante; you are the only one I share my secrets with. Happy Birthday, sister!

  • You are the most beautiful sister in the whole world. You need no makeup and makeover to look beautiful. You are beautiful the natural way. Happy Birthday, pretty sister!

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