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Birthday Wishes for Niece

You and your niece have had some good times together and you both look forward to more. Wishing her a special day with a birthday card filled with birthday wishes for niece will make her feel your love and let her know how much you care for her. The birthday quotes for niece you will find on this website give you many phrases to choose from for creating your personalized and unique birthday message. You will bring a smile to her face and in her heart.

Birthday Wishes For Niece

  • You have something special in you - something that makes me proud of you; something that makes me glad to think that I am your aunt; and something that makes me feel lucky to think that we have you in our family. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are nice, intelligent, elegant, classy and excellent - in short; you are everything that describes a niece. Have a great birthday!

  • I cannot reach you, but my wishes and prayers shall always touch you and keep your blessed and protected. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Your birthday is a beginning of a new year that is full of hopes. I wish you great smiles and laughter on your birthday, dear niece.

  • You are a fearless girl, with extraordinary ability to tackle difference situations in life. You make me proud. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Happy birthday, birthday girl! May your special birthday be as special as your special presence in our life! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • I am proud to have a niece like you - a niece, who is talented, charming, and beautiful. I wish you great success in life. Happy Birthday!

  • Sending you hugs, kisses and loads of love on your birthday. Happy birthday, niece!

  • Life is like an ice-cream so enjoy it before it melts, and birthday is like a balloon so celebrate it before it loses its air. Happy Birthday, dear niece!

  • My stylish and witty niece, I wish I was your mom. You are so near and dear to me that even though I am your aunt but I always think of you as my own daughter. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Our family would have been not so happy and joyous, if you were not a part of it. You make our family complete and cheerful. Happy Birthday, sweet niece!

  • If I could count my love for you, I am sure you would be amazed to see how much I love you. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are a perfect niece - you are loving and caring. You are more than just a niece; you are also a friend and an integral part of our family. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • It’s great to have a niece like you. I haven’t ever seen someone as beautiful and talented as you. You have made our family so proud. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are the brightest star in the sky of our family. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are a one-of-a-kind niece - you make me smile! You make me feel proud! You are a true friend! You are just so close to being perfect! Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, I wish you great joys and success in your life, now and always. You are not only my niece, but also my friend. Happy Birthday!

  • I loved you before; I love you now; and I will love you always. My dear niece, happy birthday!

  • Wishing you all the pleasures of life! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Thanks for being in my life. A niece like you is a real blessing. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Happy Birthday, my dear niece! You have given our family a gem - a person to feel proud of. Thanks, birthday girl!

  • For a special niece like you, I can only make a special wish - may stars be yours! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Wish you a superb birthday. May every day be as special for you as your birthday, dear niece!

  • One of the greatest blessings of God is a niece like you - so perfect and amazing! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are the best niece in the world. Have a great birthday, my little angel!

  • Wish you all the joys that your special day can hold. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are the kind of niece I ever wished for. Seriously! Thanks God for granting my wish. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • You are the best gift that God has ever blessed us with. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Have a bright shinny sunny day-happy birthday, niece!

  • Wishing you a beautiful birthday, dear niece!

  • And the award for the best niece goes to YOU! Happy Birthday, lovely niece!

  • Dear niece, happy birthday! May you always be happy and joyful!

  • Wishing you the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • A special day for a special niece - Happy Birthday!

  • Hope your birthday is full of surprises, hopes, and warmth. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Make a wish, dear niece. Your wish is my command and I shall do anything to make your feel special on your birthday. Happy Birthday!

  • I have you for a niece - what else do I want from my life? Happy Birthday!

  • Hope your birthday is pleasant and pleasurable. Happy birthday, niece!

  • May this birthday be special and happy for you! Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Another year has come with promises and hopes of us being together always. Happy Birthday, niece!

  • Hope your birthday finds you smiling. I promise to be with you, now and always. Happy Birthday!

  • My dear niece, you have always been close to me as my own child. Happy Birthday!

  • Have a great birthday ever - dear niece!

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