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Religious Christmas Quotes

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and is a religious holiday. Whether sending blessings or spiritual tidings to friends, family, and other loved ones; religious Christmas messages provide a terrific way to capture the meaning of Christmas. The Christmas Spirit helps to add a joyous flavor to the all the religious activities occurring throughout the Christmas Holiday Season. Blessings of Christmas, family, and God’s creations we all see when experiencing falling snow, sunrises, and evergreen trees decorated with twinkling lights and tinsel; all provide subjects for inspirational religious Christmas quotes.

Religious Christmas Quotes

  • You are someone that has helped me to embrace my faith a little more and to appreciate the goodness of God. May you have a Christmas that exceeds your expectations in every way! Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

  • Holiday wishes for the gift of a renewed hope, an abundant love, and a peace within that extends well beyond Christmas day! Merry Christmas To You and God Bless You Always!

  • May all of you enjoy the wonders and blessings of the Christmas season! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

  • Peace, love, faith, hope, joy, and blessings. That’s my holiday prayer for you this Christmas!

  • Give thanks! Sing His praises! Bless His Name! It’s Christmas! May you be showered with God’s abundant and wonderful blessings! Merry Christmas!

  • Sing His praises for the whole world to hear! May Your Christmas be a triumphant and blessed day that is filled with love!

  • You are an important part of my life and I’m so grateful that you are there for me. May God forever bless you! Merry Christmas!

  • Wishing you a Christmas that is as bright and beautiful as the first snowfall! Peace Be Unto You this holiday season!

  • Christmas Blessings To A Wonderful Friend..In honor of the celebration of life that we all appreciate so much the life of Jesus Christ, and what it means for us. Merry Christmas!

  • I had such a beautiful thought of you and am wishing that your Christmas is beautiful too! God bless you this holiday season!

  • Holiday blessings for a Christmas that is peaceful and full of love. Merry Christmas!

  • Angels singing Christians praying The world rejoicing Those are the blessings of Christmas that we pray will surround you this holiday season! Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

  • Christmas Day wishes for a blessed holiday that is brimming with glorious celebrations of His love! Merry Christmas!

  • Christmas blessings will fill the world on that magical night. May you enjoy the blessings of the Lord on Christmas and everyday! Happy Holidays!

  • Ever wonder why the manger scene is always super dry? "No well" was in sight! Happy Holidays!

  • For God so loved the world, that He gave us His only son. Christmas Blessings To You!

  • God’s love and grace be upon you. May the joy of the Lord fill your life and your heart. Merry Christmas!

  • Having wonderful people in my life, like you, is a real blessing for me. May you have a Christmas that is filled with God’s wonderful blessings!

  • Holiday wishes for a season of joy as we celebrate God’s greatest gift! Merry Christmas!

  • Hope that your Christmas gives you a moment to think about the goodness of the Lord and the miracles of this holiday!

  • In that bright and perfect star we find peace. May you have peace and love on Christmas and always!

  • Joy To The World! I hope that your holiday is a magnificent and joyous occasion. God Bless You This Christmas!

  • May God’s abundant love color your holiday with happiness! God Bless You!

  • May God’s promises surround you and keep you in his love and favor. Merry Christmas!

  • May the brightness of the most precious star light your holiday and your life with faith! Merry Christmas!

  • May you abound with Christmas blessings!

  • May you have a blessed holiday season!

  • May your heart overflow with love and peace during Christmas and always. I hope that you have a beautiful holiday season!

  • Merry Christmas To A Wonderful Minister You lead, we follow. You live, we admire. You exalt, we praise. May you know how much you mean to us on Christmas and everyday! Merry Christmas!

  • My Christmas prayer was for you to have an amazing holiday! Be ready to receive it because..It’s coming!!

  • The spirit of Christmas is always alive in you and in the life that you lead. You have a special brightness in you that everyone can see! Holiday blessing for a magnificent Christmas!

  • There are so many people that love you in Heaven and on the Earth! Merry Christmas and God Bless You Always!

  • These few words I send to you with love and care, to wish you the best Christmas ever and a Happy New Year! May God bless you now and always!

  • What I have found in you is a beautiful spirit that knows and appreciates God’s love and grace. May you have a blessed Christmas!

  • You always seem to pop in my mind, and I reflect on just how blessed you are! Merry Christmas!

  • You are such a major blessing in my life. May you have an extra special and truly blessed holiday!

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