Christmas Messages from Secret Santa

The term Secret Santa emerged in the 1970s as a way to exchange gifts amongst groups of people without knowing who the gift came from. Often members of organizations choose Secret Santas randomly. The Secret Santa, or Secret Pal, embodies the Christmas Spirit of giving. Creating Christmas wishes from Secret Santa will give someone additional cheer and feelings of happiness. Just ensure the message is one of frivolity and joy rather than creepily serious. Secret Santas can act in philanthropic ways too and provide individuals or organizations, like charities, with an unexpected gift.

  • Who could it be? One day you will see. But for now, I will just say it’s me. Happy Holidays from your Secret Santa!

  • Holiday surprises are nice, right? Well, you will be surprised to know who has you on their mind this Christmas!

  • I decided that I wouldn’t sign your Christmas card. I thought it would be more fun to keep you wondering who could be your secret pal from afar! Happy Holidays!

  • I know you’re wondering who sent this. But Nope. Can’t tell. Won’t tell. Just smile and say, "Thank You" for such a beautiful Christmas greeting .Nope, still not telling. Merry Christmas

  • I love being your Secret Santa. It’s made my holiday a lot spicier! Merry Christmas

  • I said that I wouldn’t tell and I did a great job keeping it hush, hush. Now, it’s time to let the secret out It’s me! Merry Christmas from the Person Formerly Known As Secret Santa

  • I’m having a blast being your Secret Buddy! Christmas is a lot more exciting for me and you! Merry Christmas

  • It may have a little harder to figure out who’s your Secret Santa. But, since you asked Here I am! Merry Christmas

  • May you have the merriest Christmas ever and a lots of gifts, too. This holiday wish is coming from your Secret Santa that’s known as "You-Don’t-Know-Who"!

  • Santa has secrets, why shouldn’t I? Merry Christmas from your Secret Buddy!

  • There’s always someone willing to divulge a secret. This time, it’s me! Merry Christmas from Your Secret Buddy

  • There’s someone thinking about you and wishing you the best Christmas ever. It’s me, your Secret Pal! Merry Christmas!

  • Well, it was me all along. I’m the one that’s been your "secret pal". Don’t ask what it took to keep the secret, I cannot tell you how. Merry Christmas!

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