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Christmas Messages for Granddaughter

Granddaughters and great-granddaughters (and great-great-granddaughters too!) hold a special place in your heart. Her big smile, her girly giggles, and the twinkle in her eyes as she opens her Christmas gifts create an ever-lasting memory in your mind’s eye. She is the future of your family and will carry on the Christmas traditions you have instilled in her parents. Crafting special Christmas messages for granddaughter and great- or great-great-granddaughters will let her know how much she means to you now, at Christmas, and throughout her life.

Christmas Messages for Granddaughter

  • I am so lucky to have you in my life. You’re one of the most wonderful parts that makes my heart feel bright. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • You’re as sweet as a candy cane and just as much fun, Granddaughter! Merry Christmas!

  • May God’s love fill your heart with peace, happiness, and joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  • Our lives are so much more joyful because we have a granddaughter like you. May your Christmas be just as happy as you make us!

  • A granddaughter’s love and smile are like precious gems. You always appreciate it and treasure them. Merry Christmas!

  • Your gift is the power of happiness. You can make even the angels smile, Granddaughter! Merry Christmas!

  • A fa-la-la, a whoopdee doo, Merry Christmas wishes I send to you! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • A total gem .totally you. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • Always busy, never late, always ready to celebrate. That’s what makes you so mach fun. Granddaughter, you are number one! Merry Christmas!

  • Angel kisses and snowman wishes for a special 1-year-old. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • Being the great-granddaughter you are has made some people a little jealous. I’m not sure I’ll be getting gifts from Santa this year because he’s the main one that’s envious! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • Christmas wishes on a star that this will be the best holiday by far! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • God gave us granddaughters to have and to love. He gave us you and we are so grateful to God above. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • Granddaughter, here’s something that should fit in your purr-se for a fabulous mall run! Merry Christmas! Place money here

  • Hope your Christmas is outstanding! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • Hugs are so hard to package. So, I’ll just give you this gift and cuddle you when I see you! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • I can’t begin to tell you how much we think about you and absolutely adore you. Merry Christmas!

  • I have had years of magnificent memories because of you, Granddaughter. Thank you for your love. It has been one of the best gifts of my life. Merry Christmas!

  • I hope that God’s beauty fills your Christmas with splendor. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • I hope that your heart overflows with Christmas spirit and love. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • I remember so many wonderful times with you. That’s why I’m wishing that your Christmas dreams come true! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • I wish I had a bow to place on your head because I would just wrap you up like a gift. Instead I’ll send presents with bows, a Christmas hug, and a kiss! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • I would definitely have to say, you’re the most beautiful gift of all. You make us proud to be your grandparents. Merry Christmas To An Awesome Granddaughter!

  • I’m so blessed to have a great-granddaughter like you. You are one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received, Great-Granddaughter. May your Christmas bring you as much happiness as you bring me!

  • May elves invade your dreams with wonderful thoughts of happiness. Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • May gifts be stacked a mile high so that your Christmas is filled with a sky full of smiles! Merry Christmas! ยด

  • May you get EVERYTHING you want this Christmas! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • May your Christmas start and end with fun! Merry Christmas!

  • May your merry be double and your Christmas be full! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • On Christmas, we celebrate life, love, and beautiful gifts like our special granddaughter! Merry Christmas!

  • Snow and shopping, elves and gifts May your Christmas be awesome and may you get your biggest wish! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • We love having a fantastic granddaughter like you. We hope your Christmas is stocked full of favorites from Santa!

  • We’re wishing you a Christmas gift that’s better than all the rest the precious gift of love! Merry Christmas to our grandchildren!

  • What you do for others through your sweetness and care makes me hope that you’ll get everything you wish when St. Nick visits there! Merry Christmas, Granddaughter!

  • You add an extra brightness to our holidays! Merry Christmas, Great-Granddaughter!

  • You bring a whole lot of AWESOME to our family! Merry Christmas!

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