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Christmas Messages for Grandfather

Your grandpa has seen many Christmases throughout his years and provides you another sounding board for your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. His advice may embody older traditions but can be relevant to your life – with a little translation perhaps. Remember that he loves you and the person you are. He only wishes the absolute best for you. He will do just about anything to help you. So, creating Christmas messages for grandfather will show him you care and give him a reason to smile and feel proud of you.

Christmas Messages for Grandfather

  • All of those things that you taught us when we were little are becoming more and more important in my life now. I am so glad that you’re my grandfather! Merry Christmas!

  • Distance may be between us, but you are always in my heart and in my mind. I often think of you and all that you have been in my life. I truly love you, Grandpa. Merry Christmas!

  • Grandpa, I think that you’re as great as the biggest, brightest star on the tree. That’s also how you make me feel! I love you for that. Merry Christmas From Your Little Buddy!

  • Grandpa, we are blessed to have someone as spiritually grounded and wonderful in our lives. God has given us an amazing gift You! Hope that you have a blessed Christmas!

  • I got the best gift ever, Pa Pa, when I got you for a grandfather! Merry Christmas!

  • I have been very blessed with a grandfather that I can always look to for whatever I need and want! Merry Christmas, Gramps!

  • I think of you more and more, the more that I realize how much you mean to me. This is an all year thing, but I just wanted you to know that it’s happening especially on Christmas! Merry Christmas, Grandpa!

  • I wish you a holiday season with loads of wonderful moments and fantastic memories! Merry Christmas, Grandpa!

  • I’m so glad that you’re not a "cheap"-skate! Merry Christmas To My Generous Grandpa!

  • Merry Christmas hugs to brighten your day and to let you know that your great-grandkid loves you in so many ways! Merry Christmas, Great-Grandpa!

  • Merry Christmas, Grandpa! May you have a phenomenal holiday!

  • Santa Claus has nothing on you, Grandpa. In fact, he should take lessons! Merry Christmas!

  • Spending time with you is never boring, Grandpa. I’m glad I’m your favorite little buddy and that we can have a blast together! Merry Christmas!

  • The most fun Grandpa on Earth has to be you. Nobody else could get away with the cool things that you do! Merry Christmas, Grandpop!

  • There are some things that I can always count on getting from you, Great-Grandpa super tight, squeezy hugs, gobs of giggles, and loads of candy! Who wouldn’t love a grandfather like that?? Merry Christmas!

  • You are definitely the coolest gift that I’ve ever been given, Grandpa. Merry Christmas!

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