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Christmas Messages for Father

Your father helped make you the person you are today with his stories, his wisdom, and the truth of his vast experiences. Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to tell him how much he means to you. In the spirit of Christmas, you can create Christmas messages for father that will make him smile, beam with pride, and realize he raised a terrific human being. He knows that his values and views on life remain embodied in your spirit ensuring that his legacy lives on through you.

Christmas Messages for Father

  • Christmas Eve is a time for hanging up stockings by the fireplace and leaving on every light in the house. Christmas can really get expensive, can’t it!

  • What would I do without a dad like you? I never want to find out! I love you, Dad! Merry Christmas!

  • May Santa grant you the desires of your heart this holiday season. Merry Christmas, Daddy!

  • Merry Christmas, Dad! For a man that’s been a giver of things, advice, and himself. May you have a marvelous holiday!

  • Dad, I just love cuddling up with you especially at Christmas. Merry Christmas!

  • Dad, I just love that you are such a sweet guy. Merry Christmas To You!

  • Dad, I’m sending you a package that includes 3 important things, a holiday hug, a holiday kiss, and a wish for you to get everything that you dream!

  • Dad, You inspire me and always have. May your holiday be as magnificent as you!

  • Dad, you deserve a wonderful holiday and a year that’s just as perfect!

  • Even though you are not technically my father, you are truly the best possible "Like A Dad" that I could ever have hoped for. You’re so much more than I thought a friend could ever be. You’re like an amazing super dad to me! Merry Christmas!

  • Everybody knows somebody that tries their best to be funny .including me. Merry Christmas to my Favorite Jokester!

  • I can always count on getting bunches of huggin’ from you, Daddy. I love you! Merry Christmas!

  • I have been so lucky to have a father-in-law like you. You fill our lives with happiness. Merry Christmas!

  • I heard you, Dad. I always hear you. I just don’t let YOU know that I’m listening! It’s just what we kids do! Merry Christmas.

  • I know money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows in the pockets of dads like you! Got money? Merry Christmas, Dad!

  • I remember having a cold, red nose that you kissed with such love. I remember having a smile on my face because to me you looked like an angel from above. I am so happy to have you for a Dad. Merry Christmas!

  • If impersonating Santa is a sign that you love someone, then, I am so totally loved by you! Thanks, Dad! Merry Christmas!

  • If there was a love-o-meter to measure how much you are loved, it would read "Over and Above"! Merry Christmas, Daddy!

  • May you get the ultra industrial size gift package from Santa. You deserve it, Dad!

  • May you have the most blissful holiday season of your life.

  • May your Christmas be magnificent, awesome, extraordinary. That’s the type of holiday that you deserve, Dad!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, Dad! I wish that you knew how much I appreciate having you in my life. You are a man that is worthy of honor and respect and I’m so happy that you’re my dad!

  • My Christmas is made even more fantastic when I get to share it with you, Dad! Merry Christmas!

  • No dad is like my dad! You’re completely uniquely mine! Merry Christmas!

  • No matter what you and I decide to do together, it’s always a blast. I’m so glad that you’re dad especially at Christmastime! Merry Christmas!

  • No snow, no elves, no Santa Clause could be as loved as you are. Dad, Merry Christmas!There are lots of thing that I love about Christmas, but none of them compare to how much I love you, Dad! Merry Christmas!

  • You are like a real dad to me and I take the time that we have together to heart. It means so much to have you in my life to show me what I need to do to become a marvelous person like you! Merry Christmas!

  • You should get plenty of gifts from Santa for being a great dad. Trust me, he knows all about you thanks to your favorite little elf!

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