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Christmas Messages for Grandson

Grandsons, and great-grandsons (and great-great-grandsons too!) have a special place in your life and heart. From the little boy you watched playing in the dirt, eating sand, and bringing wriggling worms into your house, you see the young man and adult he can be. You know that he will carry on the Christmas traditions you have shown him and that he’s listened to all your advice and stories. Creating special Christmas messages for grandson and great- or great-great-grandson let him know how much you care and love him.

Christmas Messages for Grandson

  • Hope you have the most awesome Christmas ever, Grandson!

  • You deserve everything that you want and more. That’s why I hope this Christmas is even more wonderful than before! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • A Christmas Wish for My Great-Grandson Hope you get a great big fat stocking full of stuff!

  • Dreams come true. Believe it and you’ll receive it, this Christmas! Merry Christmas wishes to you, Grandson!

  • Even the reindeer know how special you are. They told Santa they had to make a delivery to the best grandson by far! Merry Christmas!

  • Everybody knows how special you are, even the angels that look down on you from afar. Merry Christmas To You, Grandson!

  • Family gives the holidays meaning. That’s why I’m so glad that you’re a part of them, Grandson! Merry Christmas!

  • For a grandson that knows how to keep dull moments to a minimum! Merry Christmas!

  • Grandson like you are totally tops! Merry Christmas!

  • Happiest holidays ever, Great-Grandson. That’s my wish for you!

  • Having all of you in our life makes Christmas more special every year! Merry Christmas!

  • Holiday wishes for the happiest Christmas ever!

  • Hope you smile all day on Christmas, Grandson! Hope you have plenty of reasons for it to happy! Merry Christmas!

  • I did the best that I could to get it in her just right. It’s a great big hug; now imagine me holding you super tight! Merry Christmas, Great-Grandson!

  • I hope that Christmas wraps you in happiness and love! Merry Christmas,

  • I hope you always have happy days! Merry Christmas, Great-Grandson!

  • I knew when you were born that you were a real gift. I know even more now how right I was! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • I know I couldn’t be prouder. You’re a fantastic great-grandson! Merry Christmas!

  • I would give you the best Christmas because I love you so much, with bright things and moving things and toys that love to be touched. Merry Christmas To A Special Grandson!

  • I’m always telling people how wonderful my great-grandson is I have bragging rights, you know! Merry Christmas!

  • May blessings overtake you, Grandson! Merry Christmas to you!

  • May your Christmas be a holiday that’s well "spent"! Happy Holidays, Grandson! Place money or gift card_____________

  • May your Christmas be filled with fun stuff and cool times! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • May your eyes light up with happiness and your stocking get filled with loads of gifts! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • My Christmas wish is that you get a Christmas overrun with amazing stuff! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • Nobody knows exactly what Christmas will bring, but my hope is that your Christmas is filled with all of your favorite things! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • Phenomenal Christmases start with phenomenal people like you. Merry Christmas, Grandson

  • The only thing that you need to do this Christmas is to have an awesome time! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • The sky’s the limit on wishes, Grandson! Put yours in and watch the magic begin! Merry Christmas!

  • There’s never been a better grandson! Sending my love to you this Christmas, Mr. Wonderful!

  • There’s no doubting that you’re the genuine thing. Our wish for you is all the amazing things that Christmas time brings! Merry Christmas, Grandson!

  • We brag about you all the time because you are so great. You’re a wonderful grandson that we can’t help but celebrate. Merry Christmas!

  • We love you to pieces. We love a bunch. We love that you’re our grandson. We hope your Christmas if full of cool stuff! Merry Christmas!

  • We’ve watched you grow up from a boy to a man. We’ve watched you doing the best that you can. On this Christmas, our wish is for you is that you’ll get and achieve more and that you’re life will be even better than ever before. Merry Christmas, Grandson!

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