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Christmas Messages for Godchild

Godchildren bring each set of godparents a special joy, especially during the Christmas Holidays. Godparents have the added feeling of love when picked by their friends or family to share in the responsibility of raising their children. Although godparents may not see their godchild or godchildren much throughout the year, Christmas is perfect for sending them Christmas messages for godchild. Letting them know they are loved by other adults, helps build their confidence, helps them remember who their godparents are, and gives them a greater sense of Christmas spirit.

Christmas Messages for Godchild

  • What’s Up, Godchild? Nothing but cool coming your way! Merry Christmas!

  • Christmas wishes to my godchild for a holiday that’s extraordinary!

  • Dreams of favorite things danced in their heads Merry Christmas, Godson! Hope your Christmas gifts are the best you’ve ever received!

  • Drums are beating. Stars are gleaming. People are beaming. It’s definitely Christmas! May God’s love bring you happiness and fill you with the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas, Godchild.

  • God bless you, Dear Goddaughter, at Christmas and always. Merry Christmas!

  • Goddaughter, May Christmas bring you gobs and gobs of awesome things and special times!

  • Happy, hopeful, and totally awesome May your Christmas be all of that! Merry Christmas, Godson!

  • Hope your Christmas is a glittery, glowing happy day, Goddaughter!

  • I am so blessed to have you for a godchild. May God forever bless you and give you the Christmas wishes that you have dreamt of!

  • I am so grateful for so many things especially for having a super godchild like you. Merry Christmas!

  • I hope that your Christmas is a hugging, loving, super funny good time! Merry Christmas, Godson!

  • If I don’t do anything else this holiday season, I’m going to be sure to let God know how thankful I am for my wonderful godchild!

  • May you beam with God’s favor during this Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas, Godchild!

  • May your Christmas overflow with lots of WOW!! Merry Christmas, Godchild!

  • May your holidays be joyous in so many ways! Merry Christmas, Godson!

  • Merry Christmas, Goddaughter. May you get heaps of happiness this holiday season!

  • Santa knows your name, Goddaughter and you will probably be first on his list this year to get loads of goodies! May you have the most fun Christmas ever!

  • To My Godchild May you have a Christmas full of blessings, wishes, and happy dreams!

  • We have had some cool times together, Godson! May your Christmas be super fantastic!

  • You are in my thoughts all the time. Seeing you happy makes me beam inside. Merry Christmas, Godchild!

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